How to make extra income at IguanaFix [Passo a Passo]

For those looking for ways to make extra income or earn money when working from home, using specialized websites can be a great idea. Making this extra income at IguanaFix, for example, is one of our biggest recommendations. The website allows you to offer your services to the people who need them.

But unlike other sites that are quite comprehensive, IguanaFix focuses on the areas of more manual work. This includes furniture assembly, plumbing, cleaning and more. If you can offer a service of this type, you can check how to make your extra income at IguanaFix with our guide below!

Where to use IguanaFix

Currently, you can use and make extra income on IguanaFix in any internet browser when accessing the official website. But it’s even easier to access your account and manage your potential customers on the mobile app.

Currently, IguanaFix is ​​only available on Android. So if you're interested, just go to the Google Play Store to download the app completely free on your smartphone.

Make extra income at IguanaFix

To start making your extra income at IguanaFix, you need to register first. For this, we recommend using the official website even instead of the app, as it is simpler to enter all the information there.

On the home screen, just click on the “I want to be a part” option to start our registration.

how to use iguanafix

Next, you will need to see if it meets the requirements that IguanaFix wants from its professionals. If it is really compatible, just click "Yes".

iguanafix requirements

With that done, it's time to start filling out the registration. Right from the start, you must enter your name, email, password and contact phone number.

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Then, you must enter your company name, CPF / CNPJ and the company's fancy name. When finished, click “Next”.

company data

The next step is to tell you which state, city and neighborhoods you can cover with your services. Try to be as honest as possible instead of placing regions that are not easily accessible.

region in the iguanafix

The next screen asks you to enter your address. It can be the professional or personal address, it depends more on where you will leave to perform your contracted services.

extra income at iguanafix address

In the next step, you will be asked to choose your categories of services provided. Basically, what services will you do to earn your extra income at IguanaFix.

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Continuing, it is now the most serious part of the registration. After all, you will have to provide some documents for IguanaFix, something quite normal on websites like this.

Just have a scanned version of your RG and CNPJ proof. Then upload the files to the website.

documents on IguanaFix

In the last part of the registration, you must include your employees. It may be just you or more people if you have a company, so it's up to you.

iguanafix employees

If everything is ok after that, just accept the terms and conditions of IguanaFix. Then click on "Finish".

extra income at iguanafix finalize

With all this done, the registration will be officially finalized. To start using the platform and make extra income at IguanaFix, you only need to send an email to "".

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This way, the platform team will be able to check your data and activate your profile. They will also advise on using the app, which really makes it easier to manage your jobs and future clients.

Did you like the tips?

Did you take advantage of our tips on how to make your extra income at IguanaFix? So don't forget to leave your comment telling us what you think and everything went well in your initial registration.

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