How to make extra income at MercadoLivre

If you are someone who is having a hard time paying bills these days, either because you lost your job, your business is less profitable or for any of many other reasons, we have created a guide on how to make extra income on eBay to help you!

Read on to find out everything about this platform and learn step by step how to use it for your benefit!

What is MercadoLivre?

Before we can really explain how to use Mercado Livre to make extra income, you need to know the platform. That is exactly what we will do here in the first topic.

MercadoLivre is a company of Argentine origin (whose name is MercadoLibre, in Spanish), which offers many well thought out and in-depth e-commerce solutions allowing people and companies to buy, sell, pay, advertise and send products over the internet with simplicity.

It currently operates in 19 countries, and is currently the largest company in Latin America with more than 175 million users in the region. An interesting detail to mention is the fact that your logo, originally of two hands, was changed to an elbow touch due to the coronavirus pandemic.

what is making extra income in MercadoLivre

How does it work?

MercadoLivre is a platform where you can advertise products for sale to make extra income. The platform will connect the seller and the consumer, allowing communication between both parties. In addition, it stipulates that only products and services that the seller can sell and have in stock can be advertised.

In order for you to advertise, the ad must have a title, description, images, price, category, quantity, sales conditions, delivery method and the term and form of payment, being able to use graphics, texts, descriptions and much more to advertise appropriately.

The seller will also be responsible for including the amount of products he has available for sale and how much each unit leaves. If this is not respected, MercadoLibre may remove the ad.

What are the fees charged?

Making extra income when using MercadoLibre is really easy and almost no fees. To register, you will not pay anything, just like creating an ad.

However, you will have to pay a commission to MercadoLivre for every sale you make, which will certainly consume a part (however not very significant) of what you earn. In addition, if you want to have certain benefits in your ad, including increased exposure, you will need to pay an even higher fee.

How to sell on eBay and make extra income?

Now that you know everything about this incredible virtual market that allows you to work from home and make money, we will then teach you the step by step how to create ads for sale in it.

  • To begin, you need to know what you want to advertise for sale on MercadoLivre. Take all those old clothes that you no longer use but that are in good condition, separate the video game or electronic console that is unused, gather all your old books, whether didactic or not … in short, everything that is in disuse;
  • Now, you will need to create your account on the platform, which can be done by following the link to the official website or via the Android or iPhone application, which can be done via the link.

Create an account make extra income at MercadoLivre

Remember to create a username that gives credibility and that has some relevance to your ads;

  • That done, you now need to create your ad on eBay to start making extra income. Follow the link and click on the "Announce" to begin. We have some separate tips for you to be successful when selling your items. They are:

create ad make extra income in MercadoLivre

    • Choose some good photos to represent your product, in order to attract attention (maintaining honesty about the state it is in);
    • Have an eye-catching headline so that search engines can show your ad prominently to anyone searching. Remember to include keywords;
    • Have a really complete description about your product, in a clear and organized way. For example, state of repair, detailed information and more, thinking like a buyer. This is very important because generally nobody wants to send a message before buying online;
  • Set the price you want to charge for your product. It is highly recommended that you research the price range of your competitors, always remembering to check if they are reputable sellers, since the better the reputation of the seller, the more they can charge. Also try to reduce freight to the maximum;

With all that ready, all you have to do is advertise your ad on the biggest social networks you have a presence on, whether it's Facebook, Instagram Stories, TikTok or wherever!

So, what did you think of our detailed guide on how to make extra income at MercadoLivre?

Leave in the comments if you already knew the platform, saying if you have already made sales on it or if it was new to you. Remember to also check out how to choose the right digital bank for you and our complete guide on how to make extra income online!

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