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How to make extra income in Workana: complete guide

How to make extra income in Workana: complete guide

Nowadays, everyone needs to earn more money, using it in any way. This includes cashback apps or delivering on iFood, for example. Now, if you want to work as a freelancer, we have created this guide on how to make extra income on Workana!

If that's what you're after, read on and find out all about the platform, one of the best of its kind. The main suggestions are below!

1. What is Workana?

In order to understand how to make extra income at Workana, you must first know everything about the platform and how it works. To do this, read on and discover all the details!

Workana is one of the largest platforms for freelancers in our country and in much of the world, with a large number of offers (and users).

Freelance, on the other hand, is what a type of work without a formal contract, carried out informally, is called. It is generally done online. It is possible to work in several different areas, such as writing, translation, dubbing, typing, programming, photography, website design and much more!

A possibly negative side of Workana, however, is that it is widely used as a way to earn money and work from home, resulting in intense competition among professionals. Of course, if you are experienced and can prove it, you are sure to get opportunities!

What is Workana?

How does Workana work?

Workana is extremely easy to use, with versions for the computer in any of the best browsers or for your Android smartphone, whose application to earn money can be downloaded through the link.

In order for you to start using the platform, you must create a complete profile, with your personal data, skills, photo, contact and more.

Now it is necessary to wait a period of up to 15 days for your profile to be approved and then, just search among the offers until you find the ideal one for you!

2. How to register and start using Workana?

Now you are aware of all the information about the platform. So, let's find out how to make extra income at Workana, with a thorough explanation of how to register and how to use the site.

How to register

The first step of registering is to go to Workana's official website and, on the page, click on the button that says "Register", on top. On the next screen, click “Work as a Freelancer” to start the registration process and be able to work over the internet.

Then, you must choose how you want to register your account, either by connecting with your Facebook account or Google account, or even if you prefer to create the account with email. In the latter case, enter the full name, the email and create a password and click "Create your account".

How to register how to make extra income in Workana

Now, go to the email you used to register to be able to confirm the account. To do this, open the message and click on the button that says "Activate your account".

After that, you will go to a screen with some information. Confirm the box below and click "Begin". Choose the segment you are specialized in and three areas within it and click "Next".

Choose a professional title, upload your photo and select “Freelancer”. Click again on "Next". Now, write a short section about yourself and one of your professional experience. Also, don't forget to determine your formations.

The website will give you a small guide on how to make extra income on Workana. Soon after, a questionnaire will appear on it. In order to proceed, it is necessary to answer all 10 questions correctly, so pay close attention to the guide!

Finally, your profile will go through the moderation process, which can take up to 15 days to complete.

You can take advantage of your account moderation period to take free courses. They are offered by the platform itself and you can win certificates that will appear on your profile.

Also, if you wish, you can request priority approval, which costs R $ 39.90. This reduces the waiting time to a maximum of 24 hours.

In the top tab of the screen, you can search for projects to work on. By clicking on the button, you will go to the available projects page, where you can refine using filters and the search bar. When you find an ideal project, click "Make a proposal".

How to use Workana how to make extra income in Workana

Do I have to pay anything to use Workana?

The last part of our guide on how to make extra income at Workana is a concern for anyone who wants to make extra income without spending anything: how much does the platform cost?

The answer is extremely attractive: nothing! It has four different plans, the free, the Plus, the Professional and the Premium.

And, even though you don't have to pay monthly fees to use it, the platform takes 4.5% of all the work you do.

Paid plans offer several benefits. This includes more weekly connections, more skills in the profile, more proof of skills by certificates, etc.

So, what did you think of our guide on how to make extra income at Workana?

Tell us in the comments what you think about him and freelance work. Don't forget to check out our complete guide on how to make extra income online, our guide on which is the best digital bank for you and find out how to make money from apps!

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