How to make extra income on Airbnb?

Finding ways to earn extra income or start working from home to earn money outside of your fixed job is always an interesting idea. Renting a property for a limited time through a specialized platform can be one of those options. That's why so many people try to earn extra income on Airbnb.

This is, without a doubt, one of the best platforms to offer a space for potential guests without having to worry about all the usual bureaucracy of a common rental. So, if you also want to learn how to make extra income on Airbnb, just check out our tips below!

Extra income on Airbnb: first stage

Well, to start making your extra income on Airbnb, you must register, of course. If you have never used the site, it is worth saying that Airbnb is safe and can be accessed at the following link.

Of course, it is always a good idea to check your potential guests before accepting that they stay at your property. But the service itself is very reliable, as we will see below.

Step 1: on the Airbnb home screen, click on “Become a host”.

use airbnb

Step 2: Then, just enter the basic information requested, such as the city where you are, what space you will be renting and how many guests are allowed. Click "Start now" to continue.

how to use airbnb

Step 3: If you don't have an account, you'll need to enter your information here. You can also continue using different email accounts, social networks, etc.

register on airbnb

Step 4: You will now need to read the Airbnb terms of service. If you agree with everything, just click on "Agree and continue".

extra income on the Airbnb community

Step 5: Our next step in making extra income is to select what kind of space will be on your ad. If it is an apartment, a house, a condominium, etc.

space on airbnb

Step 6: right after, you will have to specify some things. This includes whether guests will have all the space available, whether there is an exclusive place for guests, etc.

airbnb options

Step 7: continuing, you must also say how many guests can accommodate in the space you are advertising. Other than that, say the number of rooms and beds they can use.

rooms on airbnb

Step 8: it is also necessary to say how many bathrooms there are in the space to be rented. It is important that you only consider bathrooms that have a way of bathing as well, and the rest should only be considered as toilets.

extra income on Airbnb bathrooms

Step 9: to proceed, you must enter the location of the place you are advertising. It is possible to use the GPS option, but it is much better to specify everything manually.

This way, you are not at risk of having wrong information in the ad. Just put the zip code, street, number, etc.

location on airbnb

Step 10: another important topic when thinking about making an extra income on Airbnb is saying what amenities it offers. This means if there are towels, sheets, toilet paper, TV, Wi-Fi, etc.

It is good that you offer some basic amenities to guests, such as those mentioned above. Other than that, it's more up to you and what you can offer.

airbnb amenities

Step 11: it is worth mentioning if there are areas outside the rented space that the guest can use. This can be a swimming pool, parking, a gym, etc.

It is also entirely up to you and what you can offer guests.

extra income in the Airbnb areas

That done, just click the finish button to finish this first step.

Extra income on Airbnb: second stage

Finishing the previous steps, the Airbnb website will take you to the steps page. This is where you can click "Continue" to continue your steps to make extra income on Airbnb.

airbnb step 2

In this step, we’ll add a headline, description, photos and more details about the ad.

Step 12: To start, make your best description of the space you are advertising. Preferably, say everything the space has to offer, what amenities it has and other advantages that you think are worth mentioning.

description on airbnb

Step 13: continuing, you must enter your ad headline. Think of something short, but one that represents space well.

extra income on Airbnb title

Step 14: Another important step is to enter your cell phone number if you have not already done so in the registration. This should be the number where you want to receive Airbnb notifications and where guests can contact you.

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Also don't forget to add some interesting photos of the place. Preferably, with an emphasis on the space or rooms that the guest will actually have access to instead of showing several different areas that they will not be able to use.

Extra income on Airbnb: third step

We are now ready to move on to the third and final step on the path to making extra income on Airbnb. This step focuses mainly on the booking settings, availability calendar, price, etc.

Just click "Continue" once more to start filling in the latest data.

airbnb step 3

Step 15: first, answer some basic questions. Just say if you have already rented a space before and if you intend to receive guests frequently.

airbnb settings

Step 16: You must also tell how much notice time you need before the guest arrives. Basically, only check if you can receive them on the same day or if you need a specific notice period to prepare the space.

It is also possible to specify a correct time for guests to check in. Needless to say, it depends entirely on what you can offer and your availability.

extra income on Airbnb notice

Step 17: It is still a good idea to say how far in advance guests can make their reservations. Here, just choose what you prefer too.

airbnb reservations

Step 18: we've been talking about how to make extra income on Airbnb for a while, but only now will we discuss prices. You will have to set a standard base price that will apply for every day.

Other than that, it is also recommended to set a minimum price when demand is low and a maximum price when demand is high. Our recommendation is to see what other similar spaces are charging in your region and use them as a base.

<img class = "alignnone size-full wp-image-86980″ alt=»price on Airbnb» width=»610″ height=»380″ src=»»/>

Step 19: When you’re done filling out all of this, you’ll only need to add a photo of your ID. This is obviously a very important step and it helps to make your profile more reliable.

post ad on Airbnb

When finished, you just need to click on “Post ad” and your space can be seen by Airbnb users.

You can even take a look at how the ad looked on your profile. It's a good idea, as it gives you a sense of what other users will see.

use Airbnb

So you can make changes as you prefer to improve your ad and make it easier to make extra income on airbnb. With that done, just wait for interested parties to contact you and make your reservations.

Did you like the tips?

Did you take advantage of our tutorial to get a sense of how to make extra income on Airbnb? So don't forget to leave your comment telling us what you think of the platform and if you managed to make your first ad there.

If you're really thinking about making money like this, it's worth checking out our digital bank guide. So you manage your money without leaving your home.

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