How to make extra income on OLX? [Passo a passo]

For those who want to earn money or start working from home, selling items on virtual store platforms is one of the best solutions. In such cases, you can try to earn extra income on OLX, which is one of the best sales sites of its kind.

Fortunately, it is also very easy to use, even if you have never tried to earn extra income on websites like this. If you are curious and want to know exactly how you can earn your extra income on OLX, just check out our detailed guide below!

How does OLX work?

First of all, it is worth talking a little about how OLX works. Basically, anyone who has an account on the site can advertise a product or service they want to sell.

It can be something new, used or even done manually by the seller. It is also worth mentioning that the ads are not limited to simple objects, as it is common to see cars and even properties being offered for sale there.

Even so, salespeople have a lot of freedom in what they can advertise on the platform. Buyers can ask sellers questions, check shipping, combine payment options, etc.

Overall, the site is very secure and there are ways to protect yourself from misleading advertisements. Still, OLX asks both sellers and buyers to be careful when making their deals.

Earn extra income on OLX

Well, now that we know more about the site, it's time to start earning extra income on OLX. To start, you need to register on the platform, which can be done in the mobile version or on the website in your browser.

To do everything in the browser, just access the official website. If you prefer to do everything on your smartphone, download and install the app on your Android or iPhone.

The process is very similar in both ways, as we will show below:

1 – To begin, click on “Enter”. Even if you don't have a registered account yet, it is in this option that we will create it.

account at olx

2 – Then, choose between logging in with an existing account or in “Register”.

create account on olx

3 – The next step is simply to decide how you want to create your new account. You can do something completely from scratch or use data from your Facebook or Gmail account.

extra income at olx tutorial

4 – With our account created, it's time to create our first ad. To do this, click on “Advertise”.

advertise on OLX

5 – The initial part of the ad screen will require you to enter the title of the product / service and its description. Right below, you also need to select which category the product refers to, be it real estate, electronics, sports, etc.

6 – The bottom of the screen will depend on the product category you have chosen. It shows several options of types and models of products that may belong to the chosen category.

products at olx

In our case, we selected the electronics category and specified that it was video games. So, in the "Type" field, he provided some options like "Consoles", "Games" and "Accessories"

extra income at olx product type

When selecting “Consoles”, several options appeared in the “Models” field. There, we chose the "Wii U" option to proceed.

This will all vary a lot in other categories, but the options provided by OLX are very good. If you cannot find the exact model of the product you are selling, just select "Others".

7 – We are much closer to making our extra income at OLX. A little below the selection of models, we will need to establish the price, put photos and zip code of the place where the product is.

product price to make extra income at olx

It all depends more on you. Our tip is just try to make a competitive price according to other similar ads and put photos that show the product realistically.

This way, if there is any defect, scratch or marks of use, the buyer will know beforehand.

8 – When everything is neat and filled, we can only finish creating the ad. To do this, click on the “Submit your ad” option.

9 – Right after that, the site will try to offer options to highlight your ad. It is basically a way to have more visibility and more chances to sell your product fast.

featured on olx

The price may vary depending on your ad, category and price chosen. If you don't want the highlight, click on the option below to continue without it.

10 – Now that we have done all of this, your ad will go through a publication process. You can see this in the "My Ads" tab, where the status will be updated.

pending ad on olx

In general, it can take up to 24 hours between the creation of the ad and its official publication on the site. Fortunately, you receive an email as soon as the ad is ready.

Did you like the tips?

Did you take advantage of our tutorial to learn how to make your extra income on OLX? So be sure to comment telling us if everything went well and what other ways you found to earn money at the home office.

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