How to make extra income on OLX selling used

Selling used things is one of the fastest ways for anyone who wants to learn how to make extra income on OLX.

In addition, letting go is a great way to free up space in your home to receive new things. Raising the flag of detachment to promote itself, OLX has become a giant of virtual store platforms.

So much so that today we can consider it a company bigger than the Mercado Livre itself, which until then was the first choice of many. Throughout the article, you will learn what OLX is, what it is for, how to create your registration and how to place your first ad online without paying anything.

Looking for ways to earn extra income? So stay with us and check out the complete guide below!

What is OLX?

An alternative to the American Craigslist, OLX was born with the same function of allowing people to buy and sell used items. These products can be either automobiles or electronics or simple things like toys or home decor.

Over the years, OLX has expanded and has been around for 45 years. Based in the Netherlands, today the group of companies is controlled by the South African company Naspers, a company specialized in media and technology.

In the Brazilian market since 2014, OLX in Brazil is owned by the aforementioned Naspers and Norwegian Schibsted, previously competitors in our territory.

What is OLX for?

As we mentioned, OLX can be understood as a great “flea market” on the internet. Anyone can buy and sell almost any type of object, whether new or used.

It is also worth mentioning that the platform is not just used things. Currently, it is possible to purchase cars and even find rental properties.

Or sell and rent all the items we just mentioned.

Another important item to note is that you can also earn money by offering services through OLX. That is, you can use the platform both to work at home and on the street.

Now, the time has come to know how to make extra income on OLX by registering in the application. Check out the step by step below!

How to register on OLX?

1 – As it must be, the first step is to download and install the app on your Android or iPhone. If you are on a computer, you can also access the link to register. For this guide, we will use the most common, which is the smartphone app;

2 – Then, touch the three horizontal lines in the upper left corner of the screen.

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3 – Touch Access your account now!

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4 – Now, access the sayings Register;

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5 – Put your information in the form and tap again Register;

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6 – Enter your phone number to receive security codes by SMS and tap Continue;

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7 – Enter the confirmation code and your registration will be created!

Now that you have created your registration, no time wasting: see below how to create an ad and you will be able to make extra income on OLX!

How to create an ad on OLX?

1 – Now that you have an account, tap the three horizontal lines in the upper left corner of the screen again;

2 – Touch Insert Ad;

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3 – Click the camera-shaped icon to send photos for your ad;

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4 – After the photos were sent, it was time to fill out the ad form, starting with the title. In it, put the name of the item or set of products you are selling, as you can see below.

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5 – You will now be asked to provide a complete product description. Put all the details about what it is, what comes in the package and what is its condition (new, used, damaged, among others). Don't be afraid to incorporate the spirit of the seller and make your product attractive to those who will see the ad.

Again, see below for a screenshot with an example;


6 – The hardest part is over. Now, just select the product category you are selling;

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7 – Also indicate the type of product you are selling, which functions as a subcategory;

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Noted that the category is video games, but the type is consoles? This makes it easier for users to find your product when searching OLX.

8 – Depending on the type of product you are selling, you may also have to define your model, as you can also see in the screenshot above;

9 – Define the price of the product;

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10 – Finally, include your zip code. It will not be revealed to users, but it is used to help them find products in their region more easily. After all, it doesn't help much if a user from São Paulo finds your ad in Rio de Janeiro, right?

11 – Confirm your ad is running by touching Submit;

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12 – Finally, you can define whether you want to invest money to highlight your product in searches, but your ad is already being evaluated by OLX. Now, it remains to wait for its publication, which usually happens in the first 24 hours since pressing the send button.

Learned how to make extra income on OLX?

As we mentioned at the beginning of the article, learning how to make extra income on OLX is one of the fastest ways to get money.

When selling through the platform, you can combine to receive cash. You can also choose to be paid by deposit or bank transfer, which is especially useful if you have a digital bank account.

Want to know everything about making more money on the internet? Then see our complete guide on extra income!

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