How to make extra money on the Internet [Guia Completo]

The quarantine imposed by the coronavirus left many professionals stationed at home, unable to perform their activities. You probably already know this or are experiencing it right now. As much as there is emergency aid, it is not always enough to pay the bills. But how to earn extra money on the internet and make up for losses?

There are different ways in which you can get an extra by working online. That way, you can improve your current income and take care of bills that unfortunately don't catch coronavirus.

Maybe he ends up becoming your main source of income and discovers a hidden talent?

To help you with this discovery, see below how to earn extra money on the internet!

Create your own blog

Blogs have long been a kind of online diary. Today, blogs are viable business alternatives and one of the safest ways to learn how to make extra money on the internet.

The blog allows you to generate income in different ways, which we will also cover in more detail throughout the article. This makes it a versatile and scalable platform. That is, in addition to making money in different ways, you can make it a growing business that will generate extra income as you put more content into it.

His only problem is that he is not a source of quick income. That is, if you are in need of money now, you will hardly be able to win in the first few months. A blog usually starts to become profitable after its first year of existence, but the persistence and dedication can be worth it, especially if it is strategic in the content it produced.

Access the article to learn how to create a successful blog!

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Create sites

There are two ways to make money when creating websites. One of them is to develop yours and there is no lack of ways to generate extra income with it – the very option of creating a blog that we mentioned above is one of them! – or learn to create websites in a professional way, selling your service to other entrepreneurs.

An advantage of learning how to create a website is that you can tailor it according to your goals and needs. For example, the blog is an alternative to passively generate income in the long run. A virtual store can make you start billing faster.

Creating websites is the most versatile way to make money online and work from home.

Sell ​​products online

While it is perfectly possible to develop a website to sell products online, you can also sell them in other ways. Social networks are one of the means that allow you to sell products over the internet.

Some of these platforms help you by offering tools, such as Instagram Shopping or the possibility of creating a store on your Facebook Fan Page. That is, you can sell your products without spending a dime through social media.

In addition, there are platforms for online stores that help with the integration between your website and profiles on social networks. Bagy is one of those alternatives.

It allows you to easily create a website that resembles an Instagram feed. In addition, you can direct your Insta customers to the sales page to make payment. It is worth mentioning that you can choose whether the process of integrating your website with the Facebook and Instagram store will be done by the website team.

To learn more about Bagy, click on the link and check out the page!

how to earn extra bagy money

Provide online services

Entrepreneurship selling products or creating content online are some of the things you can do to learn how to earn extra money on the internet. Only these people need help to perform some tasks of which they are not experts.

If you know how to edit videos and images, for example, you don't need to create a website to sell products. You can very well sell your services as an editor and help these people who are entrepreneurs, making more money for it.

If you already have the equipment in hand, this can be an excellent way to make extra income without spending anything!

Affiliate Marketing

If you chose to create a blog, affiliate marketing can be a way to monetize your content. Affiliation is a type of indirect sale. If the product you sell is content, affiliation is a way to use your content to sell products created by other companies and people looking to earn extra money on the internet.

When you register with an affiliate platform, you can generate tracking links, which can be placed on your posts. When a follower or visitor clicks on that link and makes a purchase, you receive a commission percentage.

That is, after creating the content with the links, every time someone buys you will receive some money without having to do anything else.

Create an online community

In addition to the blog, you can create an online community around your content. For example, you can create a community around a topic that you like. Currently, there are platforms that allow followers of a content producer to contribute on a recurring basis.

You can offer, in exchange, exclusive content to that group or discounts on products you sell, among other types of rewards.

An example of people who make extra income when creating an online community are streamers from Twitch, who broadcast their video game matches live while chatting with their followers. It's one of the best ideas for making money at home during quarantine, since you don't have to go out to play and communicate.

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Teach online

If you are a teacher, you are probably already giving online classes to your students during quarantine. If not, it does not mean that you are prohibited from teaching over the internet. Do you have a skill that can be taught? Then you can create an online course and learn how to earn extra money on the internet!

There are several platforms on which you can host and sell your course online, such as Udemy. It is worth mentioning that if your skill is useful in helping others to make money on the internet, you are likely to be able to sell a lot in quarantine.

Use apps and websites to make money

Are you still working because you are performing an essential service or is your remote work already consuming a considerable part of your time? Then you can use some apps to earn money as an increase in your income.

These apps allow you to receive money in a variety of ways. For example, you can buy products and earn a share back through the famous cashback. Or take online surveys, for example.

There are money-making apps that reward you just for placing a screen lock that shows you ads!

See some examples of apps to earn money below!

1. Foap

Do you like taking pictures and everyone praises your photography skills? Then you can use Foap to sell your best photos!

The site usually pays about $ 5 for each photo it sells using your smartphone. It is a considerable value, especially if you are not a professional photographer.

You can register and sell your photos through Foap using your Android or iPhone.

how to earn extra money foap

2. Méliuz

An example of a cashback application, Méliuz is the best alternative for those who shop online and want to receive cash back, instead of credit to use in the store itself.

The service is partnered with major retail sites and virtually any purchase you make on them can earn you a percentage back. You just have to register in the app and activate it before making a purchase over the internet. It is worth mentioning that you can easily transfer your balance to any account, including a digital bank.

It may not be quite an income generator, but it earns you a few bucks that can be withdrawn without having done anything at all. Download Méliuz on your Android or iPhone right now!

3. Google Opinion Rewards

Do you usually buy games for your Android? Did you know that there is a way to download paid apps for free? Google Opinion Rewards is the way to do this.

When you download the exclusive Android app, you receive occasional surveys, which earn credits to your Google Play account. Although the money cannot be transferred to a bank account, you can use the amount to rent movies, purchase ebooks to catch up on your reading, or buy clothes for your characters in multiplayer games.

That is, you have a way to access premium content without spending a single penny.

4. Fiverr

This app is ideal for those looking to provide online services. If you liked this alternative, you can install the app on your computer to search for your first customers online.

The application brings freelance services producing music, editing images or videos, taking writing jobs or creating infographics and reports for other companies. Using Fiverr is a good way to start building a portfolio of loyal customers.

So, download the app on your Android or iPhone right now!

img fiverr

5. We Work Remotely

Unlike Fiverr, We Work Remotely is an application for those looking for a full-time remote job. As a foreigner, the ideal is that you know English to search for offers.

An advantage of this is that the receipts are in dollars, which will increase your income, considering the relationship of the American currency with ours in 2020. There, you can find vacancies for administrative manager, product analyst and jobs in the area of ​​programming and development, among others.

To search for a remote job in another country, click on the link and register with We Work Remotely!


Learning how to earn extra money on the internet is not difficult, especially if you have some digital skills, such as editing photos and images or making posts for social media.

Even if you don't have them, there are several online courses that are free in the quarantine period and can be accessed so that you can learn and start your first online business now.

Which of the options that we show throughout the article seem the most interesting to you? Have you worked remotely before, or is this something new you are still adapting to?

Comment with us and leave your opinion!

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