How to move photos from mobile to PC in 2 ways

We took so many photos that sometimes it seems like the cell phone has infinite storage. Until the last hour in which he accuses the space for new photos. What to do now? The answer is obvious: learn how to move photos from your phone to your PC.

Another alternative is to use cloud storage services. Even so, just throwing your photos and videos to these servers may not be enough. If you lose access to your account, for example, you may end up without your images.

So it's important to know how to move photos from your phone to your PC. Fortunately, there are several ways to do this. Let's show each of them in the following paragraphs.

With your photos stored safely on your computer, you will have access to them whenever you want. For example, think you've made a remarkable journey and want to create a video presentation.

By redeeming them from your PC, you can use video editing applications with photos at any time by simply retrieving the images you want. You can also use programs to edit videos on your computer.

Now that you know some reasons to understand how it can be useful to learn how to move photos from your phone to your PC, check out the guides below to do this in different ways!

How to pass photos from mobile to PC – Method 1

The classic way to transfer your images to a computer is through a USB cable. Ideally, if possible, you should use the original charger cable to do this file transfer.

It is worth mentioning that the process was done using a smartphone with Android Pie and a computer with Windows 10.

Follow the detailed step-by-step below:

1 – Connect the USB cable to your computer and cell phone;

2 – Be sure to allow your computer to access the files on your smartphone. If a warning appears on your phone, click To allow. See the print we took below;

how to pass photos from phone to pc print

2 – On the PC, access the Computer;

how to move photos from your phone to your home PC

3 – Find the folder corresponding to your phone;

how to pass photos from cell phone to smartphone pc

4 – Locate the folder DCIM and access it;

no image is located on your smartphone

5 – Select folder Camera;

how to pass photos from cell phone to PC camera

6 – Choose which photos will be saved, or if you do not have the patience to select them, use the command Ctrl + A to select all. Then use the command Ctrl + C to copy all images;

how to pass photos from mobile to pc copy

7 – Return to Computer and access the Windows (C 🙂 or Local disk (C 🙂, depending on your version;

how to pass photos from mobile to pc windows

8 – Right-click on an empty space. Mouse over New and select Folder;

open a new folder on your computer

9 – Rename this folder to Backup Cell Phone Photos;

rename folder to locate easily

10 – Navigate to the folder you created and use the command Ctrl + V. Alternatively, you can right-click on any space and select the option Necklace;

paste the images into the new folder

11 – Now, just wait for the transfer and you will have a saved copy on your computer!

How to pass photos from mobile to PC – Method 2

If you do not have the USB cable or find the above method too practical, you can transfer it through the cloud. The only need is to have an active internet connection, since it will be used to make the transfers.

For this example, we'll use Google Photos, one of the best cloud services for photos or videos. Follow the step by step below:

1 – Access the Gallery your phone;

how to pass photos from mobile to PC gallery

2 – Choose the photos you want to transfer to your computer. To select more than one image, simply keep your finger pressed for a few seconds and then touch the other images you want to send;

how to move photos from mobile to PC select

Tip: For this example, I used some of the photos I took for our How-to tutorials for WhatsApp on Android. Click the link to access the guide!

3 – Click the To share;

share the images to upload

4 – Choose the option Upload to Google Photos;

how to pass photos from mobile to pc upload

5 Confirm by tapping Upload in the window that will open;

how to pass photos from cell phone to pc confirm

6 – Wait for the transfer;

7 – After you've finished uploading the images to Google Photos, visit the app on your computer. Just click on the link;

8 – Choose the photos by clicking the small icon in the upper left corner of each preview;

choose the images to back up

9 – Click the icon in the form of three vertical dots in the upper right corner of the screen;

how to move photos from mobile to pc menu

10 – click in Download;

download the images and you will have the backup

11 – Ready! Your photos will now be downloaded to a compressed file. You can usually find the file in the folder Downloads your computer.

Evolve the quality of your photos!

Now that you've learned how to take photos from your mobile phone to your PC in two different ways, how about adding an extra touch to the photos you take on your phone?

To learn more how to do this, check out our COMPLETE LIST with 100 fantastic photo apps for Android and iPhone that you need to know!

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