How to mute unknown calls on iPhone?

Frequent calls from numbers you do not know are very annoying. That recurring call from telemarketing or charging an unpaid account, misleading calls that repeat and show up at any time of the day, whether it's a meeting, while you're sleeping, or in the middle of your shower.

These calls distract you, disrupt tasks, cause bouts of anxiety and a desire to throw the device on the wall, we know. Ever thought there might be a solution to this problem? In this guide we will show you how to eliminate this problem from contemporary life and silence unknown calls.

1. How to block unknown calls with native functionality

Apple has finally launched an effective way to silence unknown and unwanted calls to iOS 13 on newer iPhones, and it may be just the functionality you needed.

Siri, iPhone's artificial intelligence, can only allow calls from phone numbers registered in the Contacts, Mail, and Messaging apps. Calls from unknown numbers are on a list that you can access to check the numbers and then return only the ones you need.

To enable this option, first open the "Settings" on your smartphone and scroll to "Telephone"; Then go to “Silence Strangers” Click on the bar to activate. And that's it! From now on the only accepted calls will be from your contact lists, and you should check them in the incoming calls list.

call blocking settings

2. How to avoid specific unwanted calls by iPhone

You can block unwanted numbers from recent incoming calls or Voicemail. Tap the info symbol to see the contact card, and then tap “Block this caller”.

To edit blocked contacts, go to "Settings"then on "Telephone" and then in “Blocked Contacts”. There you can see the list of who is blocked and cannot receive the same voice calls, FaceTime calls or even text messages.

3. Call management apps for your smartphone

Now, if you need more help managing your incoming calls, and the features that come with iPhone to mute unfamiliar calls aren't enough, there are other apps available that do the same service and include other advanced features for handling your incoming calls. assignment.

We have selected here a list of the best known and most effective call blocking and management applications for IPhone.

O Truecaller It is the first extra application option to block unwanted calls. It is the most famous app, it not only blocks spam calls but also allows you to see number related information such as contact name for example. A weakness of the app is that although it's free, it has ads. See more on the official website.

mute unknown calls truecaller

O Should I Answer is an application that lets you mute unknown calls and view their details – even international calls – such as their exact location, contact name, and more. The purpose of the app is to reduce distractions brought about by phone calls. To download this free app, follow the link.

O Call bliss It is a call blocking application with a large number of features. In addition to call detection and blocking, the app can categorize your contacts, as well as features like “Suppress all calls”. Exclusive to IPhone, its worst feature is to be necessarily paid. To see more, go to the appstore.

O Whoscall is a very versatile spam call blocking app: available in 31 countries and running on both iOS and Android and Windows, the app works great for identifying and blocking numbers, as well as managing it for you, and it's free! To see more, go to the official website.

O Call control is another similar spam call blocking application as well as text messaging. It is completely free and available for Android besides iOS, and its interface is quite simple and user friendly. To download, click on the link.

mute unknown calls call control

O Hiya, formerly known as White Pages, is an application similar to TrueCaller in functionality. Reliable to block out inconvenient contacts, it also has a contact search feature and is completely ad free. It's free and available on the appstore.

O Mr. Number is another call blocking application, similar to others on the list, it helps you protect yourself from spam calls and silence unknown calls. It has a simple interface and is easy to use. It has “reverse lookup” feature that gets call information. It is free; To see more, follow the link.

O Robokiller It is a very effective call blocking application identifying any even restricted number. It is similar to others on the list, with the ability to get information about the number, called the "Super Caller Id". It has free and paid versions, the last available only for 30 days. See more on the official website.

O Norton Mobile Security is an antivirus available for smartphones, available on both Android and iOS. The app has the call blocking feature, and is a more complete option for the security of your device. It has free and paid version, which has advanced features. To see more, go to the app page.

So what do you think about our tips on how to mute unknown calls?

Although the functionality included in iOS is quite basic and simple, it is good at its purpose and should help a lot in everyday life. What do you think of her? Leave comments in the comments below if you already knew this function, what did you think of our list of apps for better control of this and if we forgot your favorite.

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