How to order DM on Instagram Stories [Passo a passo]

Again an update in the stories that can be very good for those who sell products through Instagram. A new sticker was launched recently and now you can order DM on Instagram Stories.

What is an Instagram DM?

Abbreviation for direct message (direct message), DMs are a way to speak directly with followers on Instagram, whether they are friends, relatives or users who follow your posts for Instagram.

When someone sends you a message on Instagram Direct from a story you posted, it counts as engagement. What is the consequence of this? That Instagram's algorithm understands your content as relevant, increasing the chances of your post appearing to more followers and users of the platform.

For those who have an online store and use Insta to promote their products, the new sticker can serve to attract followers and try to make a direct sale.

So, here's how to order DM on Instagram Stories and start using the new function now!

How to order DM on Instagram Stories?

1 – Open the Instagram app and swipe left;

start of the process of how to order dm on instagram stories

2 – Create a story normally, regardless of the category (except Live);

create your content

3 – On the edit screen, click on the stickers icon;

choose the sticker send a dm no stories

4 – Select the newly launched Send a DM;

find the sticker

5 – Write down what kind of message you want your followers to send you;

put the message to ask dm

6 – Alternatively, you can click on the icon in data format to place a random phrase;

click on the data to place a random message

7 – Click in Your story to share the post publicly or Close Friends to your exclusive list;

finish the post and learn how to order dm on instagram stories

8 – Ready! Now just wait for the messages to arrive!

What can you do with this content?

In addition to encouraging your followers to engage more with your content – just as polls and questions do – you can also use the sticker more strategically. Now that you've learned how to order DM on Instagram Stories, it's time to learn about some uses for the new sticker.

Here are some uses you can give your sticker Send a DM!

1. Questions and answers

Even if you already have a specific sticker for this, you can encourage direct interaction using the sticker. When answering questions, you open a dialog window with that follower, allowing you to send offers and content directly to him.

2. Sell products or services

Your Stories can showcase products or services you make to earn money online. Even though Instagram Shopping makes it possible to place a price tag to make the purchase, you may prefer to use the sticker to sell directly.

This type of approach is specifically useful for those selling more personalized services or products, so an online store with standardized options would not fit another model.

3. Offer free gifts

Another alternative for those looking to increase their list of possible customers, you can use the sticker to offer free gifts in exchange for participating in mailing lists or WhatsApp, for example.

The tactic is a good way to transform followers with chances to buy from your business to integrate an exclusive list, where you can send offers and make that prospect become a customer.

Put more links in your Instagram bio!

The new sticker opens up another range of possibilities for content on Instagram Stories. Have you learned how to order DM on Instagram Stories? What kind of DM did you ask your followers for?

If you are looking for tools to professionalize your profile on social networks, is ideal for placing more than one link in your Instagram bio.

Through it, you will be able to create a mini page with links to your sales pages, content outside of Instagram and even forms to capture email. In addition, you will be able to track how many clicks each link on this mini page received, allowing you to know what is attracting your followers on the platform.

Start using for free right now by accessing the link!

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