How to post and download Instagram Reels videos on your phone?

Instagram Reels is Instagram's new content platform. In order to compete against TikTok's voiceovers, you'll also be able to dub songs from your favorite singers.

Of course, this is not the only utility of the platform, which allows you to make all kinds of spontaneous videos, whether for fun or to educate. For those who have a professional account on the social network, Reels is the best source to gain followers on Instagram today.

After all, every time a new feature or content platform is launched, Instagram's algorithm tends to give them more reach. It was like that with Stories and it's been like that with Reels.

Still don't know how to post and download videos from Instagram Reels? When downloading videos, you can use that same content on other networks that you use. Even the rival TikTok!

So check out in more detail below what the platform is, what you can do on it and, finally, how to post and download videos from Instagram Reels!

What can you do on Instagram Reels?

Another platform where you can use your content to increase your number of followers on Instagram, Reels is also excellent for generating engagement. Like Stories, its focus is on publishing short videos with fun effects.

However, Reels is very focused on the issue of videos. While Instagram Stories allow photos and even text posts, the new platform is exclusive for videos. Interactive stickers are also exclusive to Stories, such as questions.

Another peculiarity of it is the length of the videos. The maximum length of the videos is 15 seconds. In other words, no over-production when it comes to recording videos for Reels. The interesting thing here is the authenticity and the ability to attract the attention of those who are watching.

You can do this in a number of ways. In addition to the multitude of filters you can apply to make your Reels fun, you can also do the aforementioned voiceovers. Reels also has challenges, similar to what we already see in TikTok Challenges.

That is, it is another new range of posts for Instagram that you can use to attract followers to your profile.

Now that you know how the platform works, here's how to post and download videos from Instagram Reels!

Tip: if Reels hasn't shown up yet, check out this article teaching you what to do when Instagram news doesn't show up!

How to post and download videos from Instagram Reels?

The first step is to open the Instagram app and swipe left, as if creating a story.

how to post and download videos from instagram reels

Then touch the bottom menu and swipe until you find the option Reels.

access reels

Okay, now you're in the Reels interface. Before recording, you have some features that you can apply before recording your video. See what each represents in the list below the screenshot.

filter options and music on instagram reels

1 – Audio: choose a song from the Instagram collection to dub.

2 – Speed: Adjust how fast or slow your video will play.

3 – Effects: choose which filter to use for recording.

4 – Timer: choose the length of the video, respecting the maximum of 15 seconds.

After choosing all the options, click on the bottom center button to save your Reels!

record your video!

After recording, you will still have more options to edit your video. You can also review music and filters you’ve used. Among the editing tools, you can cut excerpts from the video, add text, drawings or stickers – except the ones stickers that we mentioned earlier.

apply edits to your instagram reels

Before continuing, touch the arrow shown in the screenshot below to download the video. After all, our guide teaches you how to post and download videos from Instagram Reels, not just publish.

<img class = "alignnone size-full wp-image-87031″ alt=»click the arrow to download instagram videos reels» width=»600″ height=»525″ src=»»/>

Now click on the arrow at the bottom left to continue.

proceed to publish

Type the caption for your video and choose the time of the video you want to use for the cover. With everything ready, just tap the button To share to publish your first Reels!

finish learning how to download and post videos from Instagram Reels by touching share

Tip: leave the button Also share in the feed turned on to get more exposure through the feed. Don't forget to add some Instagram hashtags to improve your reach!

What's up? Did you learn how to post and download Instagram Reels with our tutorial?

Instagram Reels – what did you think of the platform?

Tell us: what did you think of Instagram Reels? Do you think it has the potential to outmaneuver TikTok? Or do you think the rival app is better?

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