How to post multiple photos to Instagram Stories

Instagram continues to provide new ways to produce content on Instagram Stories. The platform does this through the different stickers that even allow you to choose which questions to ask on Instagram Stories or through new publishing methods, such as the newly launched possibility. Learning how to post multiple photos to Instagram Stories is simple and easy, as you can see in the step by step below.

It is worth mentioning that some formats – like the one we are going to show you now – are not yet compatible with tools for scheduling posts on Instagram. Therefore, we recommend that you first try to do the post natively and then check if your favorite app already has the possibility.

Tip: posting to Stories consistently is one of the best strategies for gaining followers on Instagram!

How to post multiple photos to Stories

The first step is, of course, to open your Instagram app and access your Stories by clicking the button with your profile photo or sliding the screen to the left.

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Then, slide the Stories bottom bar to the right.

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Swipe until you find the option Layout.

choose layout

In this option, a new bar will appear above the button to take photos. They have several formats in which you will be able to post several photos on Instagram Stories. Select what you think is best for you.

choose format

After choosing the format, just take the photos that will compose the collage that you will post on Instagram Stories.

take a photo

After taking all the photos, click on the confirmation button, the same one you used to capture the photos.

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Now, make any edits you deem necessary, such as including text, drawings or inserting stickers like the polls on Instagram.

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Finally, click Your story to finish and learn how to post multiple photos on Stories! If you prefer only your closest friends or are an influencer on Instagram posting exclusive content, you can also tap the best friends button to post only to that list.

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