How to print on notebook and PC: 5 simple ways

One situation that can be frustrating is playing with friends and making a sensational move, but not knowing how to capture what happened on the screen. Learn here how to print any situation so you can always share with anyone you want or save for posterity!

Read on and discover not only the best and most practical programs for this, but also see how to take a print without installing anything!

1. Without using programs

The first of the ways that we will cover in this article is using the native tools of the operating system, teaching you how to print using them.

On Windows

There are several alternatives for those who want to print on Windows 10 without having to download and install anything, using only what comes with the PC.

The first is also the most complete: the Capture tool. With it, you can take screenshots of your screen in several different ways, be it capturing just one area, a window, a cutout and much more. To save, however, is a manual process. The options found there are:

  • Free-form clipping: draw the free form, as you wish, around what you want to capture;
  • Rectangular capture: draw a rectangle around what you want to capture to take the print;
  • Window capture: choose one of the windows that are open, either in the browser or a program, to capture only it;
  • Full screen crop: this is the most traditional print, which will have everything on your screen.

Another information that can be useful for those who want to know how to take a print in Windows is that this tool allows you to determine a delay for the capture to be made. To open the tool, just search for the capture tool in the start menu and click on it.

The other way that you can take a print on your notebook or Windows PC is using the Print Screen, found with several different spellings varying from the keyboard. The most common are Print Screen and PrtScr.

When using the key, the capture will be saved in the clipboard. To complete the process, you need to go to a tool like Paint, paste and save. The best shortcut for the Windows screen capture is to click the Windows button and then the PrtScr, as this will automatically save the capture to the Images.

In Windows how to take print

On Mac

If you are someone who prefers the Apple ecosystem, it is also completely possible for you to learn how to print without having to download or install anything. Just follow the tips below:

  • Full screen capture: the command for you to take a print of your entire screen on Mac is Shift + Command + 3. to edit the capture made, click on the icon in the corner of the screen;
  • Capture part of the screen: the command for you to capture only part of the screen is Shift + Command + 4. Drag the crosshair pointer to select what you want and to move the selection, just click on the space bar while dragging. Release the button to save;
  • Capture of windows or menus: finally, the command to capture a window or menu is Shift + Command + 4 + Spacebar. Your cursor will become a camera. Click on the desired window to capture it!

2. Greenshot

The first of the programs is Greenshot, a completely free program that is among the best alternatives to Paint. Learning how to take a print with it is very easy, just by clicking on the PrtScr on your keyboard to show the crosshair cursor, to select what you want.

It is very good for its practicality, since you can choose to automatically save to a folder, save manually and send to the most varied programs, such as your email or Microsoft Office. Visit the page to download it for free for Windows, or for just R $ 7.90 for Mac!

3. LightShot

Another of the applications for taking print is LightShot, very similar to Greenshot. It offers many features and tools that are extremely convenient, such as being able to upload a screenshot automatically to cloud storage.

It also has several features that make it one of the applications for drawing on the PC, such as complete image editing. In addition, it allows cutting, formatting and much more. Visit the official website to download one of the apps that are worthwhile, both for Windows and for Mac!

LightShot how to take print

4. Monosnap

Another alternative for those who want to learn how to take a print is Monosnap, one of the best PC programs that can also be used to record games. It offers many extremely complete screen capture tools, including optimizations for PC simulation games.

To use it, just install and move on. Through it, you can make edits as you wish in the captures made, upload to the cloud quickly and much more. Even better: it works on Windows, Mac and has an extension for Chrome. Follow the link to download.

5. PicPick

The last of our alternatives for you to take a good print is using PicPick. It is an extremely complete program, which differs from Greenshot in the interface, since yours is modern and extremely complete.

Its editing capabilities are really good and varied, allowing the resizing of prints, the addition of effects and texts, arrows for annotations and much more. It also allows direct uploading to services such as Facebook or Twitter. Check everything on the official website!

PicPick how to take print

So, did you like the simplest ways to print?

Leave in the comments if you already knew all the programs and methods that we included or if any was a novelty that helped you. Don't forget to check out how to monitor your PC's temperature as well and learn how to deal with quarantine boredom!

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