How to put multiple links in the Instagram bio? [2020]

One of the main problems on Instagram is the lack of opportunities to place external links, such as those on your website or online store, for example. To remedy this, it is necessary to learn how to put multiple links in the Instagram bio.

It is not possible to do this natively. That is, right in the app, next to the phrases for Instagram bio that you usually put.

That is why it is necessary to use external applications. That way, your followers on Instagram will be able to access a link to a promotion page, subscribe to your email marketing list or WhatsApp and even get in direct contact with you.

Check it out below!

Why is it interesting to put multiple links in the Instagram bio?

If you have an online business, organizing your feed is one of the best ways to show your profile interesting. Doing so increases your chances of gaining followers on Instagram.

But it's not just interesting to have followers, but people who take the step forward subscribe to your email or WhatsApp list. It is on these lists that your business sales will happen.

That's why it's interesting to know how to put multiple links in the Instagram bio. There are several programs that can help you with this. One of the best known is Linktree, but because it is a foreign app, it can be quite expensive to charge in dollars.

So we will show next, one of the best alternatives to Linktree on the market. Want to know what it looks like and how to create a free account on it?

Then stay with us!

What is and how do I create an account?

AppTuts.Bio is a tool that allows you to create special mini pages for Instagram's biography. Not as complex as creating websites from scratch, these pages can contain multiple links to your website, email form or WhatsApp, among many other options.

All of this with just one link that you can easily put on your profile.

To be able to create your own mini page to learn how to put multiple links in the Instagram bio, first you need to access the link and click Start Free Now.

click start free now to start placing several links in the instagram bio

click in Create an account.

click create account

Then enter your information and create a password for your new account. If you're unsure of which password to enter, check out this article with the best apps for managing passwords. They make it easy to create secure passwords, and store them for logging in in the future.

fill out the form to finish creating the account

Okay, now you have an account created and you can create your mini page to finish learning how to put several links in the Instagram bio.

See how to follow!

How to put in your Instagram bio

With your newly created account, now is the time to create your mini page, insert your best links and put them on your Instagram profile.

To do this, start by logging into from the home page. Before you start placing the links you want in the Instagram bio, click on Definitions to personalize your mini page.

go to settings before placing several links in the instagram bio

On this screen, you can choose one of the predefined themes – or send your own if you become a subscriber to the tool – in addition to uploading a profile photo and entering your title and description. Remember to fill in these fields, as they can increase the chances of your follower clicking on the links on your page.

customize your mini page

Now, return to the home page by clicking My Links. Here, click the button Add new item.

start placing several links in the instagram bio

Choose the type of link to insert and click Add. (register on WhatsApp, button, video, form, etc.)

choose which type of link to add to the instagram bio

Fill in the information for the link category you chose to place, such as the button text and the link, for example. It will be included in the profile automatically, just click on the eye icon to preview.

enter the information to add buttons

With the page created, you can now place your link on your Instagram profile. See below how to finish placing several links in the Instagram bio!

How to put multiple links in the bio?

Still in the control panel, click View Profile.

click view profile

In the window that will open, just copy the link in the navigation bar itself.

copy the link to your page

Now, access the link and log into your Instagram. click in Edit profile to place your new link.

access your Instagram to put several links in the bio

Then just paste the link in the area site and click on To save!

paste the link in the indication

How many links can I put in the Instagram bio?

It is not because you can place many links on the mini page that allows you to do so. Even though you can place a lot of links, having too many links on your page can distract the follower from the links that are most interesting to you.

So be strategic and just put links that make this follower's relationship with you closer, like WhatsApp or email lists. Seasonal promotions are also an option, but remember to remove them at the end of the period.

3 tips for using with

Now that you know how to put multiple links in the Instagram bio, here are some useful tips to get the most out of the tool!

  • Use the title strategically: it is not to insert a long text on the button with the link. Just indicate what the button is about and a short call;
  • Choose the theme that is most in line with your brand: even with ready-made templates, you can customize your page so that it looks as much as possible with your brand;
  • Consider using the paid version: for only R $ 19.90 per month, you get extra features, such as the possibility to send a model according to the visual identity of your brand, in addition to removing the watermark from AppTuts and placing buttons for your profiles in the media among others.

Did you like the proposal? Then access the link and start using it on your Instagram profile right now!

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