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How to quiz on Instagram Stories

How to quiz on Instagram Stories

One of the best things about Instagram Stories is the ability to create interactive pranks with friends and followers. All this can be done through the various stickers that the platform offers its users.

Instagram Stories lets you create polls and ask your followers to ask questions about you or your preferred subject. But these are not the only interactive stickers available. One of the latest is the sticker Tests, which gives you a quiz on Instagram Stories.

Haven't used this sticker yet and want to know how to quiz on Instagram Stories to test the knowledge of who follows your posts on Insta?

So follow us on the next lines and start setting up your tests through Instagram Stories!

Quiz on Instagram Stories: Step by Step

1 – Open the Instagram app and click its icon in the Stories bar;

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2 – Swipe left until you find the option Create;

story options you can do

3 – In the bar with the buttons just above the Create, swipe right until you find the option test;

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4 – Type your question or click the button at the top center of the screen to have Instagram generate a random question for you;

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5 – Create the first answer option;

create test answer options

6 – Now type the following answer option;

create the second answer option

7 – Two options are enough, but you can continue to create up to four alternatives;

create the third or fourth answer option if you want

8th Select what will be the right answer;

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9 – Make any edits or add other stickers and effects. When you're done, just tap Your story to finish learning how to quiz on Instagram Stories.

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How to see who answered right?

Now that you have learned how to quiz on Instagram, just wait for your Instagram followers to start giving their answers. To see who hit your quiz – or agreed with your opinion – return to Stories for answers.

Then touch the icon in the bottom left corner of the screen, which you use to see how many views your content received.

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On this screen, you can already see how many replies your post received, who answered your quiz, and who viewed your Stories. By clicking on View answers, you can see the full list of who responded and how they responded.

see your test answers on this button

Want to post more content on Instagram Stories?

Did you know there is a way to publish constant content and plan to keep your Stories up to date?

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