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How to recover data from Mac and Windows

How to recover data from Mac and Windows

Losing files due to system or storage failure is one of the most annoying things that can happen. The worst is that many avoid learning how to recover data from Mac and Windows, as it does not happen so often.

There is no shortage of software that can help you with this task. Before that, however, we will show you why it is interesting to have a program to recover data from your Mac or your Windows PC.

Check below why such a program is part of the essential programs to install on Mac or PC!

Why is it interesting to have a program to recover data from Mac?

Often overlooked in the first configuration of a Mac, data recovery programs are essential to deal with files that you may lose in the future. We don't want to be pessimistic about the quality of your computer, but when it comes to file loss, they can happen through sheer distraction or forgetfulness.

Who has never deleted a file that they shouldn't have unintentionally?

That is why this type of software ends up being so important. In addition to recovering files, many of them allow you to do things like create backups of what is on your HD or SSD, on the USB stick or on a memory card, for example.

A software that is well established in the market is Wondershare RecoverIt. Currently in its 9.0 edition, it makes it possible to recover Mac data in any formats and on any storage unit.

RecoverIt even makes it possible to recover data from the emptied recycle bin on your Mac or Windows, with just a few commands. In the next excerpt, we'll talk a little more about the main features of this software and how it can help you learn how to recover data from Mac or PC.

recoverit screen

What can RecoverIt do?

RecoverIt is not short of resources. However, let's focus on the three main features. The first one is the huge format compatibility.

The program can recover over 1000 file formats, including those exclusive to Windows or MacOS systems. It even applies to files that have been cleaned thanks to applications for cleaning files.

Whether it's a Microsoft Word text document, a presentation made in Keynote or even an executable file, RecoverIt can recover everything. In addition, RecoverIt can be used to restore files from external devices.

Internal or external hard drives, sound recorders, cameras and camcorders are some examples, but the application is not limited to them. You can recover files from any device with a storage device without any problems.

The same is true with corrupted videos, thanks to its advanced recovery. In other words, it can restore to the original state even a video that, even appearing among its files, cannot be accessed.

Want to know how to recover data from Mac or Windows using RecoverIt? Then check out the guide below!

How to use RecoverIt for data recovery?

The first step is to access the link to download the current version of RecoverIt on your Mac. After downloading the program, access your downloads folder and follow the steps indicated by the program to complete its installation.

Now that RecoverIt is installed, it's time to do your first analysis to find out how to recover lost data on your Mac. First, choose which disk the files you want to recover are located on.

choose the disk where you want to recover data

On the same screen, select the location within the device you chose earlier. By default, RecoverIt allows you to instantly choose your computer's desktop or recycle bin. For the other folders, click Select Folder and choose where you want to analyze.

select the folder where you will recover the files

Once you choose, a new window will open and the analysis will start right away. Wait for a while – depending on the number of files in the folder you choose.

After the analysis, a list of lost files will be shown. Select the ones you want to retrieve and click the button To recover.

start recovering data from mac or windows!

Just wait a few seconds and your file will be ready for use again!

Tip: Do you prefer video tutorials to learn how to use a program? Then see the material that RecoverIt prepared itself!

Download RecoverIt right now!

As you can see, the program is one of the best for recovering files on both Mac and Windows. Do you want to start using it?

Then download it via the link right now!

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