How to recover lost photos on Windows and Mac?

Knowing how to recover lost photos in Windows is necessary.

Whether to recover photos deleted or sent to the trash by accident, or because of problems with an HD, the pen drive or the memory card, without a program to help you recover, you will have a hard time doing it on your own .

Now, what can make you lose the photos stored on your computer, be it Windows or Mac? And what to do when a file disappears, is deleted or corrupted from your machine?

These are the questions that we will address below!

What can cause loss of photos?

There are several reasons why a photo may be lost, no matter how secure your computer is. Incredible as it may seem, the common thing is that the user himself deletes the file by accident, or because he needs to free up memory and believe that a file is no longer needed.

This is also true for those who set up their trash to be emptied within a certain period. Sometimes, that file you thought you didn't need is deleted because the day of emptying has arrived, causing you to have lost it.

Or is that how you think. In fact, much of the free space that we have on our hard drive is not that free. In fact, it is available for you to enter another one, which will occupy the space previously occupied by that file.

Did it get complicated? Calm down and I'll simplify it for you.

Imagine that you are taking care of a wall of posters and they are very difficult to remove. So much so that it is more economical to simply paste another poster on top and that is what you end up doing.

The first poster is there, but you can't see it anymore, right?

That's exactly how HD does files on your PC. After occupying a space, that part of the HD is not free again, even if you delete the file. What remains is a kind of shadow, which will be occupied when another file takes its place.

Removing these files from the shadows and allowing them to access them again on your computer is the main feature of programs like Remo Recover.

So, see below what you can do with it!

program to recover lost photos

What can you do in Remo Recover?

The purpose of Remo Recover is very simple: to make it possible to recover lost photos on your computer. Among them, photos!

With versions for Windows and Mac, it has three modules with specific objectives.

Are they:

  • File recovery tool: scans your storage disk for any files that are lost.
  • Photo recovery tool: scanning is focused only on image files. Ideal for those who like to take pictures on cell phones or digital cameras and want to retrieve photos that they deleted from the memory card of these devices.
  • Recover partition: Are any partitions on your disk having many problems with corrupted files? It might be a good idea to try to recover the entire partition! In doing so, you can choose an entire disk or just one of the partitions.

Learning how to recover lost photos is simple and easy, and should take no more than three simple steps.

To help you with this task, we will use the second option of Remo Recover to show you how to get photos through the software.

Check it out below!

How to recover lost photos with Remo?

The first step, as expected, is to download the Remo data recovery tool. Then open the downloaded program and follow the steps to install it on your Windows or Mac.

Open Remo Recover. By default, you will already be in the option Recover Photos. If not, click on it to get started.

click recover photos to start recovering lost photos

Choose which disk or storage device you want to recover files from.

choose the disk to analyze

Now, click Scan.

scan to recover lost photos

The program will scan the disk completely. Wait a few minutes for the scan, which will allow you to recover lost photos.

On an Intel Core i5-7200U processor notebook, 8GB of RAM and 1TB of storage – with much of it occupied by PC games, I confess – the process took about 2 minutes to complete.

wait for the computer to scan to start recovering lost files

Remo Recover will now show all folders on your computer. To make recovery easier, let's choose the folder Users -> (your computer's username) -> Desktop. This path is where your desktop files are normally located.

access the folder where the lost file is

Lost photos have a "X" red in your icons, as in the example below.

files with X are lost and can be recovered

Check the box for the photo you want to recover and click Save.

save the file

click in Browse and leave both name options Prompt marked. If a photo of the same name is in the folder you select, the prompt a popup will open on your screen notifying you of the repetition and asking for instructions.

tell where the lost photos should be inserted

Choose the folder where the file is to be recovered. It is recommended to choose a folder different from the source. In that case, we will save the recovery in my downloads folder.

save to a different folder than the file location

click in Save again.

save the recovered file

As soon as you finish recovering lost photos, the program will open a Windows Explorer window in the folder you have designated for recovery!

Did you understand how Remo Recover is an alternative that allows you to recover lost photos on Windows and Mac?

Then click on the link to get to know Remo Recover right now!

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