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How to see the lyrics on Deezer?

How to see the lyrics on Deezer?

Deezer is one of today's largest music streaming platforms, with many users and an agreement with TIM to gain free access to it. Those who use it may want to see the lyrics on Deezer to keep up with what they are listening to.

So we created this article in which we listed all the best ways to do this for all supported platforms. If you're wondering which music service to hire, check out our comparatives: Spotify vs. Deezer, Spotify vs. Apple Music, and Spotify vs. Youtube Music.

1. Natively by the Deezer

The first of the ways to see lyrics in Deezer is by using a native feature, which is available on all platforms that the app officially supports: desktop, browser, Android, iOS, Amazon Fire TV Stick and various Smart TVs.

Using this feature is quite simple, with few differences between each of the platforms. First, through smartphones, whether Android or iOS.

Go to an artist page and click to play the song. Click on the bottom bar and then click on the "Letters" to see them.

Natively Android

If you want to see lyrics in Deezer through your desktop app or browser, open the app, scroll to the artist you want to hear, play the song, and in the bottom bar click the microphone icon to show the lyrics.

Natively pc see the lyrics on Deezer

If you prefer, you can click the microphone next to the song name to open lyrics automatically. The process for this through Smart TVs or Fire Stick is, in short, the same.

Compared to Spotify, the amount of letters natively offered is much higher, ensuring a more complete experience.

2. Using external applications on your smartphone

If the amount of lyrics offered by Deezer isn't enough for you, or if you want to be able to see the lyrics outside the app, it's a good idea to consider some other apps to complement, such as Musixmatch, Genius, QuickLyric.


Starting with Musixmatch, one of the biggest lyrics collections and the best for those who want to see lyrics on Deezer. It has over 6 million letters, with translations in over 50 languages. Through the app, you can also search for the letters you want and recognize what is playing around you.

To use it, follow the links to the App Store or Play Store, download to your operating system, log in to the App, and give the necessary permissions.

Musixmatch See the lyrics on Deezer


Genius is another of the best options for Deezer lyrics. It has a large catalog with over 1.7 million songs that, unlike the previous one, are in English only. It also provides information about what you are hearing, such as curious facts.

It is available for both Android and iOS to download for free. It doesn't need to login, just open the app, give the permissions you request and you will be able to see the lyrics. However, unlike Musixmatch and QuickLyric, it allows viewing by the application only, without floating letters.


The last of the options included here to see lyrics in Deezer is QuickLyric, a great application that unfortunately does not provide translation for your lyrics. However, you have a choice of floating or synchronized karaoke lyrics, and you can even recognize what is playing around you.

To use it, just follow the link to the official site where you can download for Android (it has no version for iOS). Then give the permissions the app asks for and see the letters on a screen that you can resize as you please.

quicklyric see the lyrics on Deezer

3. View lyrics on Deezer from computer

This is the worst area of ​​this app, as the only way to see the lyrics is through the platform itself, making the user depend on the letters not always reliable and rather scarce. Also, it doesn't have floating letters, so you need to have Deezer in the foreground to keep up.

To see lyrics in the desktop app, when you are playing music, you need to click the microphone next to its name in the bottom bar. If this is not available, you can use some website to view lyrics, however the process will not be automatic.

To see the lyrics on Deezer, is one of the best options. With it, you find a pretty large amount of songs with translations, many of which are even synced with videos on YouTube.


Another great alternative is Musixmatch, a platform we mentioned above in the form of an application, but which also has version for your favorite browser. It has millions of letters translated by the community into over 50 different languages.

Unfortunately, unlike Spotify, it is impossible to see lyrics in Deezer with floating lyrics on your computer, making the task of keeping track of what you are listening to while working almost impossible.

4. View the lyrics in Deezer by browser

Finally, if you want to use the Deezer web player to listen to music, you can also use the native function by clicking on the microphone. If you want to have access to a larger number of letters, you can use the Lyrics Here by Rob W extension with multi-browser versions.

First you need to install it via the link. Then open the Deezer web player, click the extension icon and see all the letters you want. If you prefer, you can also open the letters in a new window so you can do other things while viewing the letters.

So, what did you think about our tips on how to see lyrics on Deezer?

Leave comments if you already know these tricks or if we can help you see the lyrics to your favorite songs while listening to them. Comment if you use any other app to see the lyrics.

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