How to sell through iFood – 10 best tips

If you own a restaurant, you probably know iFood, one of the biggest delivery platforms today. If you haven't joined it yet, but want to do it, we've selected several tips on how to sell through iFood.

Before you start, we strongly recommend that you see here our complete guide on the best known delivery app in the country. Keep reading our article and learn all the best tricks to sell more through iFood!

1. Have excellent service

One of the main points in ensuring that you will have a loyal customer base to sell through iFood is to offer the highest quality service possible. Remember to be attentive and effective in communications, answering everything you ask in a complete and quick way.

This is one of the most important tips, regardless of whether you want to know how to sell through iFood or any other method, be it over the phone or even in person.

Keep that in mind and try to consider all your customers' complaints and suggestions in order to not only improve the quality of what you offer but also to better sell through iFood and appear more at the top of the platform.

Have excellent service

2. Sell the best quality products

One very obvious thing when you want to know how to sell through iFood is the quality of the products and dishes offered. An excellent service is of no use if your customers don't like what they buy from your restaurant.

Invest in ingredients, chefs, packaging and all aspects involved in food production. No detail is too small to be ignored.

3. Have an excellent menu

Another key factor that anyone who wants to know how to sell through iFood should keep in mind is the menu at their restaurant. It is good that you include not only a wide selection of flavors, but also descriptions of each one, to make it easier for customers to choose.

Also add the option to customize the order (such as inclusion or exclusion of any ingredient), in addition to placing photos of the menu, to make it more appetizing.

4. Get promotions

One thing that attracts customers and is a good tip on how to sell on iFood is to have promotions of all kinds, alternating between them. For example, days with free shipping and days with a discount on an item, using statistics such as the dish that sells the most, which gives the highest profit and which days you sell the most.

This ensures that it will attract attention. As much as the public wants practicality when using these platforms, saving money is always welcome.

Get promotions like selling through iFood

5. Be on social networks

Being on all social networks is another big call for anyone who wants to sell on iFood, as your customers are almost guaranteed to use them too. Through Facebook or Instagram, you can share menus, invite customers to use delivery apps and carry out promotions.

You can also publicize your brand, sharing interesting and relevant content, in addition to being able to use them as an excellent means of communication, being able to resolve all doubts and questions from customers through a more well-known and friendly means.

6. Create a brand that's hard to forget

In our article on tips on how to sell on iFood, we could not fail to mention this one, which aims to demonstrate the importance of your brand. Therefore, we mean not only the visual aspects, such as logos and business cards, but also the products offered.

Consider well what message you want to convey to your audience and devise the best way to convey this in the construction of all visual aspects, such as menus, packaging, advertising and more. The more attractive and well-crafted, the more likely customers are to remember.

7. Add some loyalty strategy

Another idea on how to sell on iFood more successfully is to create loyalty promotions, ensuring that you will continue selling to the same people. To do this, you can include bonus cards, special discounts, gifts and more.

The most classic of all is the loyalty card which can, for example, guarantee a free order after a certain number of orders. It can also offer discounts, extra dishes, a free accompaniment, among other options.

8. Use iFood Loop

To sell more on iFood, it is a good option to use the iFood Loop tool, which allows users to choose cheaper dishes, with discounts offered by restaurants, scheduling delivery. This ends up generating a higher volume of orders, allowing more sales.

With this functionality, the user places orders before 11 am and chooses dishes within a good selection. By scheduling, the restaurant is better able to prepare for the flow of orders and make better use of free time in the kitchen.

iFood Loop how to sell through iFood

9. Know your market

If you want to know how to best sell on iFood, it is very good that you know the market you are in and understand your competition well. Finding the best suppliers, understanding how customers think and following market fluctuations are essential factors.

Also, keep in mind that the famous price war may not be the best option, as it decreases the profit margin. Of course, this does not mean that it is okay to charge too much, but simply lowering prices is not a very good idea.

10. Invest in Marketing

Finally, the last of the tips on how to sell on iFood is investment in marketing. The more you expose your brand, the more people will get to know you. For this, take quality photos of your products, increase the delivery time and include the delivery service on your business website.

In addition, you can also create folders, brochures, menus and magnets, further promoting your brand and making you better known. If you use your own couriers, customize them with specific uniforms and work materials. Don't forget to learn how to do marketing on TikTok and also get to know the biggest companies in the business in our country.

So, what did you think of our tips on how to sell through iFood?

Leave in the comments your opinion about them and if they helped you. You can also give your own tips for comments, helping readers to sell more.

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