How to sign in to Yahoo Mail without having to sign in every time

Having to log in every time you access a service on the internet seems simple, but it sure is boring. Especially if you are registered on several sites. After all, each has a different password requirement, so you have to change them. Your email is one of those services, but you can log into Yahoo Mail without having to log in every time.

Even though you can use apps to manage passwords – some of them already fill in the login information for you! – Yahoo Mail specifically has another very easy login mode.

You can even use this method to learn how to sign in to Yahoo Mail in any of the internet browsers available on the market. To do this, just have a smartphone in hand.

Want to learn how to sign in to Yahoo Mail – which also gives you access to other services like Microsoft Outlook and Gmail – without having to log in every time?

Then follow the step by step below!

How do I set up my Yahoo Mail account key on my phone?

As mentioned above, just having a cell phone in hand to set up your account to log in from the device. It is also worth remembering that it is possible to learn how to enter Yahoo Mail in this way, both in the Android and iPhone versions.

First, the most obvious step: download the version of the app compatible with your Android or iPhone.

Now, go to your computer and access the link to the browser version of Yahoo Mail. Again, you can do this process in any browser of your choice. Log in normally this time.

log in to yahoo mail

After logging in, enter this link to access the security page of your Yahoo account. Open your Yahoo Mail on your phone and log in to your account there too. Returning to the security page, click Find out how it works.

access the security page

Now, proceed to Send me a notification.

send yahoo mail send you a notification on your cell phone

A notification will be sent to your smartphone. Pick up your cell phone and touch it.

open your cell

A popup will appear on your phone's screen. Press the green button with the words Tap to try Yes. Due to the application's security policy, it is not possible to show a screenshot of this section.

That said, once you touch Yes, go back to your browser screen. click in Always use your Yahoo account key to finish learning how to sign in to Yahoo Mail without having to enter your login and password every time.

touch always use to activate the account key to sign in to Yahoo Mail

Finally, confirm the mobile number where you will receive notifications to finish activating your account key.

After learning how to sign in to Yahoo Mail with your account key and finish setting up, here's how to sign in using the functionality.

How to sign in to Yahoo Mail with the account key

1 – Access the Yahoo Mail login page, just as you did at the beginning of this article.

2 – Enter your username and click Advance again;

3 – This time, you will not need to enter a password. Just open your mobile screen and tap on the notification that Yahoo Mail sent you.

open your smartphone again

4 – Answer Yes In your cellphone. Once you do this, you will automatically be taken to your Yahoo Mail inbox.

answer yes to enter yahoo mail

Did you learn to login?

Were you able to use your account key and learned how to sign in to Yahoo Mail without worrying about the browser you use or what password is it?

Did you know that you can integrate your email addresses in other services with Yahoo Mail, such as Outlook and Gmail?

If you are a user of these services, be sure to check out our complete guides to block email in Outlook and recover deleted emails in Outlook!

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