How to skip line in Instagram in 4 different ways

Have you ever written an inspirational Instagram caption, and as soon as you pressed to publish, the lines you apparently had broken simply did not show up? It is quite possible that the text, done with such care, has turned into a giant and incomprehensible block of words. So there is no idea of ​​post that survives. How to skip line in Instagram, since other posts in the social network are perfectly diagrammed?

This is what we will teach in the full step by step in the next paragraphs! As you have already noticed, just pressing the Enter key is not enough. This rule holds true for posts as well as for your Instagram biography. In that case, the only alternative seems to be to appeal to these phrases for bio and not to break line at all.

This is far from the truth. Although Instagram does not make life easier for us – imagine if they do a Stories poll by asking what we think of it – there are four methods by which you can learn how to skip line on Instagram.

Why break line on Insta?

As you can see in this article, information is much easier to read when words have adequate spacing. It’s no different on Instagram.

By separating the passages properly, your follower will understand that you have a more professional profile and are committed to providing information and value. Which results in more engagements and tanned on Instagram.

In the following excerpts from this article, we’ll show you all the steps necessary to break the lines of the two methods. So if one of them does not work, you can try it another way. Or simply choose what seems easier!

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How to skip line in Instagram – Method 1

The first method uses an external site that converts your text to a caption with line breaks. See below!

1 – Click the link to access a site that includes the special character;

2 – Enter the text you want to insert the characters, the way you want it to appear in the Insta;

how to skip line in instagram text

3 – click in Convert (& copy to clipboard);

click the button to convert

4 – Open your Instagram or your app to schedule posts on Instagram;

5 – Put the photos or video you want to insert in the post;

6 – Paste the text that was on the clipboard;

how to jump line in instagram paste

7 – click in To share to finish the publication;

see result

8 – See how the publication got the full line break.

Now, let’s go to the second method!

How to skip line in Instagram – Method 2

After many complaints, the Insta facilitated the breaking of the line in the legends and biographies. You can use the Enter key to have a skip in Instagram. Only it is necessary to comply with some rules before.

The first is: do not put emoji at the beginning of the paragraph. If you do this, the break will not work. The second rule is more complicated and requires some attention in writing your caption.

You can not leave a book space immediately before or after the line break. That is, after placing the endpoint (or any other symbol to close a sentence), you must immediately press Enter. When starting the paragraph, also avoid the space key.

how to skip line in instagram method2

How to skip line in Instagram – Method 3

Perhaps the most lazy of methods, you can use it if the previous two do not work. You can place a discrete symbol between the lines, as if you were simulating a new paragraph.

The result will not look so good and it will still seem a bit messy, but it’s still a better alternative than publishing a giant, unreadable block of text.

The third method is simple but not the best.

How to skip line in Instagram – Method 4

There is a special character by which Instagram recognizes as a line break. This character is invisible, but allows you to break lines without problems. Consequently, your post will not seem as messy as in the previous method.

To use it, copy the blank space that will appear at the end of this sentence: ⠀.

Now, return to Instagram and write your caption by pasting this special character each time you need to break a line. You will know that it worked when the writing bar advances, similar to what you saw in the blank space of the previous paragraph.

Create incredible captions for your sweepstakes on Instagram

Understand how to use the different methods of how to skip line in Instagram? Using any of them, you’ll get perfect captions with no problem or mess.

A well-written caption with flashy text can be used for different purposes. One of them is to make sweepstakes on Instagram. After all, a badly explained draw can spark controversy and suspicion on the part of its followers.

So, use the methods learned throughout the article to create an incredible caption for your draw!

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