How to stream Facebook Gaming?

For those interested in making lives, Facebook Gaming can be a great option to start. It is not only one of the best apps for making lives, but it is one of the best for those who want to focus on games, gameplay and everything to do with this area. But for those who never used the platform, the question remains: how to stream Facebook Gaming.

Like most live streaming platforms, it is necessary to know which tools to use so that your lives are carried out simply and without problems. To help you with everything you need, we have prepared a detailed guide on how to stream Facebook Gaming. Check out more below!

What does it take to stream Facebook Gaming?

use facebook gaming

To start, we have to know everything that is necessary for those who want to stream Facebook Gaming. Basically, you will need:

  • A Facebook account
  • Software to manage transmission
  • Camera (if you want to appear in the broadcast)
  • Microphone (to be able to talk to the audience)

Of these three components, the camera is the only one that can be considered optional. After all, not every streamer shows his face or appears in his lives while playing.

The rest is very important, including the microphone. Most people won't really be interested in just watching the silent gameplay of any game on Facebook Gaming.

The software to manage the transmission is your choice, as there are so many that you can use. The main ones today are OBS, Streamlabs and XSplit Broadcaster.

All can be used for free and have relatively similar configurations. For our tutorial on how to stream Facebook Gaming, we will use Streamlabs.

It is great for live on Youtube and Facebook. If you still want other cool apps to manage your lives, we recommend Belive and Ciclano!

Configuring Streamlabs

First of all, it is good to download Streamlabs on your computer. The software is free, very light and should work well on most PCs, even those not so new.

You can download the program by accessing the official Streamlabs website. When it is properly installed, just open it the first time.

With that done, you will be able to choose between importing your data from the OBS software if you have used it previously. Otherwise, you just need to click on “Start Fresh”, meaning that you will start your account from scratch.

obs streamlabs

Then, you will be asked to select where you are going to do your live streams. As we want to stream Facebook Gaming, just click on the social network icon.

live on facebook

You will have to log in to your Facebook account after that. Just link the required data and Streamlabs will configure the rest of the data for you.

With that done, you will also have to select which camera and microphone to use. Streamlabs will identify everything that is connected to your PC, so just choose the one you prefer among the options.

configure streamlabs

After that decision, it will be time to decide which theme you want to apply to your broadcasts. There are many themes to stream on Facebook Gaming, so we're sure you'll find one that you like best.

streamlabs theme

With that setup in place, you'll see the Streamlabs home screen. To use the optimal options, click on the configuration icon at the bottom left of the screen.

streamlabs settings

The first options we are going to change are in the "Output" tab. Choose "Advanced" in "Output Mode," 1 "in" Audio Track "," Software (x264) "in" Encoder "," 4000 "in" Bit Rate "and" 2 "in" Keyframe Interval ".

stream facebook gaming options

You should now go to the "Video" tab. We recommend that you leave 1280 × 720 resolution in both options and 30 FPS in the last section.

video options

Then, return to the main Streamlabs screen. First click on "Live Scene" and then go to the "Sources" tab and click on the "+" icon.

stream facebook gaming scenes

To continue, let's add some sources from where your game will be captured. This depends more on how you want to do things, but in general you use "Screen capture" or "Game capture".

fonts to stream on facebook gaming

When you have made all of these settings, you are ready to start streaming Facebook Gaming. Of course, there are countless options that you can still change to your own taste.

Even so, when you think everything is ready to your liking, just click on “Start transmission”.

stream on facebook gaming stream

You only have to select which Facebook account you want to use. If you don't have a page just for streaming games, it will give you the option to create one by clicking on “Create one now”.

stream on facebook gaming live

It's quite simple to stream Facebook Gaming, isn't it ?! You just really need to go through this initial setup.

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