How to transfer files from Android to iPhone

If you're moving from an Android device to an Apple iPhone, you're probably wondering how best to transfer files from Android to iPhone so you can keep your apps, documents, etc. Fortunately, you can do this in a number of different ways and we will help you with a complete guide.

First, let's present the official way to carry out the procedure as indicated by Apple's own page. But if that doesn't work, check out other ways to transfer files from Android to iPhone at the end of the content.

Preparations before starting

Before doing this, it is recommended that you back up your files on the Android device to prevent, in case the procedure goes wrong, you do not lose any data. We teach you how to backup your backup in this tutorial. Now, the next step will be to download Apple's official app on its Android smartphone, Move to iOS, available on Google Play through this link.

It is further recommended that you make sure both devices are connected to the charger and on a secure and stable Wi-Fi network. Therefore, avoid doing this on public or unstable networks, as it could end up corrupting the data or crashing the transfer before it's completed.

Finally, also make sure that your iPhone does have enough storage space to hold all the files and documents that will be transferred, even considering what's included on your Android microSD card, if you have one.

This procedure works only for iPhone devices that are undergoing first-time setup. In other words, this method is suitable for new iPhones or for those who have just reset the device to factory defaults.

Transfer files from Android to iPhone with official app

Attention! Before starting the procedure, you will need to turn off mobile data on the devices, but keep Wi-Fi connected. This is necessary for the Apple app to be able to create a secure and private network so that it can then transfer files from Android to iPhone. Also, this can only be done on devices running at least Android 4.0 and iOS 9 or higher.

move me

Step 1: The next step will be to open the app on your Android device. You will see a screen with the title Migrate to iOS, explaining how the app works. Here, just tap “Continue”.

Step 2: start configuring your iPhone until you reach the screen of Applications and Data. Here, you will see several options, including one called “Migrate Android Data”, tap this.

Step 3: now tap “continue” on the screen titled Migrate from Android and then you will receive a six digit code. Save this code and go to the next step.

Step 4: back to the Android device, tap the button Find Code in the upper right corner of the screen and then you will have to enter the code received from the application as explained in step 3. Then, just wait until the “Transfer Data” screen appears.

Step 5: on the data transfer screen, you can choose what content you want to send to your iPhone, such as:

  • Contacts;
  • Message history;
  • Camera photos and videos;
  • Web bookmarks;
  • email accounts and calendars;
  • Free apps that are available on Google Play and the App Store;

Select everything you want to transfer and simply tap “Next”. Wait for the entire process to complete and do not touch any of the devices until it completes. That's it, just click “done” on the iPhone and you're done transferring files from Android to iPhone.

Transfer files from Android to iPhone with Google Drive

If the above procedure doesn't work for you or if you don't have a new iPhone or a factory-restored iPhone, be aware that you can still transfer your files. However, in this mode it is important to mention that you will not be able to transfer applications, only images, contacts and documents stored on your Android disk or your micro SD card.

Again, it's still important to make sure the full size of the content fits into your iPhone's storage space, after all, Apple devices don't offer the ability to include a micro SD and this could mean you have a lot more storage on your device. Android.

With everything confirmed, the next step will be to download Google Drive on both devices. You can do this by accessing the app's links for Android or iOS.

Step 1: with Google Drive installed on your Android device, open the app and then tap the menu with three horizontal lines at the top left of the screen.

Step two: then tap Backup as shown in the image below.

transfer files from Android to iPhone via Google Drive

Step 3: on the next screen, set up your backup and tap to trigger your files to be stored in Google Drive. Wait for the backup to take place, or if nothing happens, follow the steps in this guide through your Android device settings to back up your backup and select your Google account to back it up.

Step 4: with the backup done, open Google Drive on your iOS device and then log in to the same account you used to store the files on Android. With that, your documents will all be in the cloud and now you can transfer files from Android to iPhone.

The best way to do this transfer after the backup is using the official Apple app called Files, as you can follow in the official guide of the company itself.

Transfer files from Android to iPhone via computer

If you have a computer, another simple way to do this procedure is to connect your Android device to PC, notebook or MacBook via a USB cable and then transfer the documents such as music, photos, pictures to a folder on your computer. After doing this, you will be able to organize everything directly through the iTunes PC application (which in this case would only work for photos, music and videos), it can be downloaded here.

If you choose to do this through iTunes, then just sync it back to your iPhone device and your music and videos will be available through the app. Alternatively, you can simply connect your iPhone to your computer and transfer directly.

Applications to transfer files from Android to iPhone

In addition to these methods, you can choose to use dedicated apps to do this. However, it is important to mention that these apps may not be as secure as the options above, which protect your privacy and help prevent documents from being stolen, among other security flaws. Therefore, we are going to present only the three safest options for you:

1. SHAREit


Among the options, SHAREit is the most secure as it does not depend on any type of internet connection to transfer your files and documents from Android to iPhone. It's free and it's really intuitive, allowing the transfer of videos, photos, audios, contacts and other data to be done easily. You can download it for free on Android and iPhone to get started.

2. Feem

Feem is a company that is also locked in for security and creates a private network for the transfer to take place. It can be downloaded on your Android, iPhone, Windows Phone, Mac, Windows computer or even Linux. Thus, you will be able to transfer your files from any device to the other without any difficulty. Access their official website and you will be able to download it according to your needs.

3. Instashare

As a third option, Instashare is also secure and can be used to transfer files from Android to iPhone and vice versa, and it can also be installed on Mac or Windows. It has a short video explaining how to use it directly on the official page. It's very intuitive and quick to make any transfer with the app, so just go to the website and follow the procedure shown in the video.

Did you transfer files from Android to iPhone?

So, were we able to help you do that and migrate from your old device to iOS? Tell us in the comments if you have any questions or if everything worked out for you. Also check out 7 reasons to buy the iPhone 11 or iPhone 11 Pro!

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