How to translate by photo using Google Translate?

Google Translate has become a very complete tool over the years. In addition to being able to translate text and voice, now you can also translate by photo if necessary. This helps a lot when you find an image, a poster or even packaging in another language.

The good news is that you can do this in a very simple way using the Google Translate mobile app. This goes for both Android and iOS smartphones. If you're curious and want to know how to translate by photo using Google Translate, just check out our tips!

How to translate by photo with Google Translate

As mentioned, you can translate by photo using Google Translate on your smartphone. With it, you can upload images already saved on your device or photos you take with his camera.

The app itself is free and can be downloaded on Android and iPhone quickly. Just use the link to the Google Play Store and the App Store, depending on the type of smartphone you have.

With the application installed, open it and select the “Camera” option.

how to translate by photo camera

You will then see the screen dedicated to image translations. The first thing to be aware of is the languages ​​chosen. If you already know which language of the text, select it and choose the language of the translation.

translate by photo language

After that, you can point your phone's camera at the text you want to translate or use a saved image with the “Import” option.

how to translate photo on google translator

If you point the camera at the text, the app will try to do the best possible translation of what it detects. He'll even try multiple translations, so click "Pause translation" when you're satisfied or "Continue translation" if you think he can do it better.

do photo translation

That's all you need to do to translate by pointing the camera at text. The situation changes a little if you choose the option "Import".

How to translate by saved photo in Google Translate?

When selecting the desired image for translation, the app will give you two options. You can show with your finger the part you want to be translated or ask him to select and translate everything he sees as text.

how to translate photos on mobile

After you do that, it will show you what you understand from the text of the image and what it is translated.

how to translate by photo using google translator

By clicking on this tab, you will see the translation in a separate and more traditional Google Translate window.

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Easy to learn how to translate by photo using the app, right? This can be very useful, especially when traveling. It is only good to remember that we will not always see perfect translations in this mode.

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