How to turn on Instagram night mode on Android and iPhone

In recent years, many apps have received some sort of night mode or dark mode. This is not only better for not tiring your eyes at night, it also gives a different look and even more beautiful than the original design. Instagram has also recently received a dark version, but not in the traditional way. Now you can activate night mode on Instagram if your smartphone has its own dark mode.

That means your color scheme is directly tied to your smartphone's theme. Of course, not everyone has a phone with dark themes, but it's still a very interesting option. If you're curious to know if you can turn on Instagram night mode on your Android or iPhone, just check out our tips. The full tutorial can be seen below!

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Does your smartphone support Instagram night mode?

First of all, it's important to know whether or not your smartphone has the necessary support for Instagram night mode. As we mentioned, the app update doesn't bring native night mode to it if you're on iOS.

Instead, it adapts to your smartphone's light or dark mode and features a color scheme according to the option you've chosen. On Android, it has a native mode.

Currently, only smartphones running iOS 13, Android 10, and some models running Android 9 have this system-wide dark theme option.

If your smartphone is running a previous version of iOS, the solution will be to wait for Instagram's own dark mode or an update to your operating system.

If your smartphone already has this option, just follow our guide for Android and iPhone below.

Instagram night mode on Android

On Android, it's very simple to turn on dark mode. You can simply pull its notifications tab down and click the “night mode” button.

activate night mode on Instagram through quick settings

With that done, you will automatically activate night mode on Instagram. To disable the mode, just go back to the tab and click on the button again.

Another way to do this is to open the Android “Settings” app and click on the “Screen” option. Then click on “Dark Mode” option to enable or disable dark mode!

enable dark mode on Instagram through Android settings

As we mentioned, this will change Instagram version automatically. Now, if you are using an earlier version of Android, you can also enable dark mode natively.

For this, go to your Profile, click on the three bars horizontally in the upper right corner, and go to settings.

browsing until I can activate night mode on Instagram natively

Then go to Theme and choose the Dark.

activate night mode on Instagram natively

Night Mode on iPhone

On the iPhone updated with iOS 13, the process is also very easy and quick. As with Android, there are two ways to do this.

The first way to activate night mode is through the Control Center. You must drag the screen upwards to open it.

Then click on the brightness control icon and hold for a few seconds. Now just click on the “Dark Mode” button to enable or disable it depending on what you want.

activate dark mode on Instagram iPhone

The second method to enable night mode on Instagram on iOS is by going to “Settings” on your smartphone and clicking on “Screen & Brightness”. With that done, just select “Dark Mode” to change the iOS and Instagram theme at the same time.

activate night mode on Instagram iPhone second way

Pretty simple, isn't it?! To reverse this, just go back to the same menu and select the “Clear” option.

Managed to activate instagram dark mode?

Did you take advantage of our guide to learn how to turn on Instagram night mode on your Android or iPhone? Don't forget to leave your comment telling us if everything went well or if you had any questions.

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