How to unlock your iPhone with EaseUS MobiUnlock

Not everyone can get along with passwords, especially when they are different depending on the service you use. That said, how to unlock your iPhone without needing a password? EaseUS MobiUnlock presents itself as a solution for those who keep forgetting passwords.

With the app, you can release your iPhone with just one click, in addition to removing the lock if you did it unintentionally. Best of all, it is already compatible with the newly launched iPhone 12.

So, learn more about EaseUS MobiUnlock below and see how it can help you unlock your iPhone or iPad!

What is EaseUS MobiUnlock?

A program aimed at unlocking iPhone and iPad, EaseUS MobiUnlock is versatile and allows free access to almost all models of Apple devices. That is, you can use it to unlock an iPhone 4S or the latest iPad, for example. Even obsolete iPods can be unlocked with this program.

In addition, you can even use the program to identify which version of the system is installed on your device. It is worth mentioning that you do not need to be an expert in digital security to use EaseUS MobiUnlock.

In fact, it goes in the opposite direction, allowing you to unlock your devices in a few steps.

easeus mobiunlock home screen

In what situations does EaseUS MobiUnlock work?

You can use EaseUS MobiUnlock in almost any situation where an iPhone or iPad is locked. Forgot your password and had your phone locked for trying too hard and making mistakes? The software provides access. In fact, if you have forgotten your password, it is easier to use the program, instead of trying to set the password.

The same is true in situations where FaceID or TouchID does not work properly. You can also use the program if you purchased a used iPhone and were unable to access it.

It is even possible to format the device to factory settings using this software, without the need for a password or iTunes. That is, you can leave it as new quickly, especially if it is having problems such as not calling.

You can use EaseUS MobiUnlock regardless of the type of lock on your iPhone. It allows you to unlock devices with 4 or 6 digit passwords, as well as those with FaceID and TouchID, as we mentioned earlier.

How to use the program?

As we mentioned before, unlocking the iPhone using this software is quick and easy. To do this, simply download it to your PC or Mac. Then connect your iPhone or iPad via USB.

Open the program and wait a few moments. EaseUS MobiUnlock itself will identify the iPhone or iPad model connected to its USB port. After that, just click the button Download Firmware. By doing this, the software will have access to the smartphone, allowing you to unlock it.

EaseUS MobiUnlock unlock screen. Click the Download Firmware button

After downloading the firmware, simply order the program to check for the same hardware. Thus, he will make sure that he has access to all the smartphone's functions, including unlocking.

Then, just enter the verification code suggested by the program and click on the button Unlock. Wait a little while again and, a few moments later, your device will be unlocked!

EaseUS MobiUnlock has plans that are for both those who want to unlock only one iPhone and those who want to work helping other people to repair their devices. You can pay a $ 29.95 monthly plan, which allows you to install the program on just one computer and unlock up to five devices. For $ 39.95, you are entitled to the annual plan, with the same benefits mentioned above.

The lifetime license for EaseUS MobiUnlock is $ 49.95, paid only once and guaranteeing the above benefits forever. The professional plan, indicated for technicians, costs $ 399 annually and allows you to unlock iPhones and iPads unlimitedly.

Click on the link to learn more details about EaseUS MobiUnlock!

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