How to use BlaBlaCar to offer a ride?

Anyone who uses apps like Uber and 99, must have realized that they are not ideal for longer trips. Even more if we are talking about trips to other cities and states. Fortunately, more people are starting to learn how to use Blablacar, which is an app focused entirely on rides.

This way, it can not only be used to lower your costs on a long trip, but it can even be a good source of extra income for those who want to earn money in different ways. If you are interested and want to know how to use BlablaCar to offer a ride, just check out our guide below!

How to use Blablacar

Before delving further into the guide on how to use BlaBlacar, it is worth talking more about the service itself. As we mentioned before, you can offer a ride to someone or request one for those who are making it available.

This makes long distance travel more travel by car. After all, the driver and passengers can share the values ​​and make the trip more worthwhile than on a bus or plane.

Of course, it is also possible for the driver to earn extra money, especially if he has to do this type of trip frequently. Still, it is good to warn that the profits would be much lower than in other driver apps.

After all, the moral of Blablacar is to facilitate cost sharing and not necessarily generate large profits for users. That said, it is worth saying that the app can be used on different platforms.

If you prefer to use the web version, just access the following link. But if you want, you can download the Android app on the Google Play Store or the iPhone on the App Store.

Offering a ride on Blablacar

With the application installed on your smartphone or with the website open in your browser, the process of offering rideshare is quite simple. You just need to follow the steps that we will show below:

Step 1: on the home screen of the app or website, you will see the option to “Offer a ride”. Click on it to proceed.

how to use blablacar

Step 2: Next, you will need to create an account to use the Blablacar service. It can be an account made from scratch or using your Facebook data.

This part is very simple, since even the account created from scratch only requires your name, email and password initially.

extra income on blablacar tips

Step 3: once this is done, you must say where you are leaving from, that is, where your journey begins. If you want to attract passengers, the interesting thing is to place a place with easy access for people.

This can be a subway station or even a bus terminal, just to give you a few examples.

blablacar location

Step 4: also don't forget to enter the final destination of the trip. It is also possible to add cities where you are going to make stops, something interesting to attract even more passengers.

After all, some of them may want to get off at certain stops, while others may be interested in hitchhiking at those stops.

final destination in blablacar

Step 5: another factor that you have to think about is where you want to drop off passengers. Basically, it is the place where they will get off at the desired stop.

Our tip here is the same as before: choose a location that is easily accessible for them to continue their journey later. The best is always a local movement and with access to other transport.

extra income at the local blablacar

Step 6: now is the time to select which day you will start the trip. The best in this situation is to arrange your trip a little in advance, giving passengers time to meet you, talk to you and arrange everything.

If you say today that you are traveling tomorrow morning, it is very unlikely that you will get interested passengers.

calendar on blablacar

Step 7: on the next page, you must tell how many passengers you can take in the car. The maximum that the site allows is three passengers per trip, which is a very reasonable number for a longer trip.

amount of people on the trip

Step 8: Continuing with our guide on how to use Blablacar, you must select whether to allow passengers to make reservations instantly. This will depend a lot on what you prefer.

Still, the recommendation is that it is best to answer them individually. So you can be more comfortable and really decide who you want to travel with.

Remember that they will not be short journeys, so it is good to get a sense and choose who will do this.

reservations at blablacar

Step 9: the next step is very important, since you will define the amount to be paid by passengers. Blablacar itself will give you a price indication, but you can change it as you prefer.

Our tip is to take a look at the prices charged by other drivers. This way you will have a sense of whether it is better to charge more or less than what the site has indicated.

price on blablacar

Step 10: it is also good to decide if you want to offer a ride on your return trip. If you are not sure about that, you can only select the option that you will decide later.

In this situation, it is even better to come back later. After all, you may regret or have an unforeseen event during that period.

return ride

Step 11: well, with everything done, you can still insert any additional information that you think is important. This is also entirely up to you.

publish trip

After filling all this, just click on “Publish” and the ride will be placed on the site. So, just wait for the contact of passengers interested in accepting your ride.

But it's really easy to learn how to use Blablacar, don't you think ?! Tell us about your experiences with the app if you really decide to use it to give or accept rides across Brazil.

Did you like the tips?

Were you able to take advantage of our tips to learn how to use Blablacar? So don't forget to leave your comment telling us what you think and give yourself to follow our guide properly.

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