How to use Foreca to know the weather forecast?

Checking the weather forecast is not very difficult nowadays, especially with so many apps specialized in the subject. It is only understandable that you have a preference for more established and reliable services. Among these types, Foreca is one of the best weather forecasting companies in the world. Only because it is not so well known in Brazil, not everyone knows how to use Foreca.

That's why we've put together this comprehensive guide on how you can use Foreca and have accurate weather forecasts in your region. If you're curious to know how to use this tool, just check out our tips below. Enjoy!

What is Foreca?

If you are one of the people who have never heard of Foreca, just know that it is a private company that focuses on providing weather forecasts for much of the world. The company's headquarters are in Finland, but that does not limit its reach to European countries only.

Its services work very well in Brazil and that is why we are recommending you in this guide. Of course, you can use Foreca to check the weather in other countries.

This can be very useful for those who are planning international trips. To learn more about using Foreca, check out our step by step below.

How to use Foreca

Currently, you can use Foreca on its official website and in its mobile apps. The usage is very similar in all, being that you can download the app in Google Play Store and App Store.

If you want to access the official website, just check the link below. Once inside the site, we will learn to check the weather forecast on it:

Step 1: when accessing Foreca, you will notice that the forecast is from another country, probably the United States. To change this, go to the search bar at the top and write the name of the city you want to check the weather and click on the correct option.

use the foreca search

If you prefer, you can just let the service use your current location as well. But that is only if you want the forecast of the place you are currently in.

Step 2: once this is done, Foreca will automatically change your page to the chosen city. Then you can check all the meteorological details of that region.

foreca weather forecast

You can check the current forecast, the next few days and an exclusive rainfall map.

Step 3: slightly lower, you can also see a more detailed forecast. It is for these more accurate data that Foreca is worth using.

foreca details

In this part you can see all the temperature and precipitation fluctuation, for example.

Step 4: to finish, we still have a really cool tip. If you plan to use Foreca constantly and want to check the weather in several regions, there is an option to favor your most visited cities.

use foreca add city

Just go to the bottom of the forecast page and click on "Add" the city you are checking at the time. So everything is within easy reach and you don't have to search for the same cities manually.

Very simple to use Foreca, don't you think ?! The best thing is that in addition to being complete, this service is completely free, whether on the website or mobile apps.

Did you like the tips?

Did you take advantage of our tips to learn how to use Foreca at any time and see the weather forecast? Don't forget to leave your comment telling us what you think of the Finnish suggestions and service.

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