How to use KineMaster? [Passo a passo]

Video editing is an increasingly sought after task among professionals looking to increase their digital presence. However, because it is a specific skill, many were not trained to be able to create good videos for their pages. KineMaster is among the best mobile video editors. But how to use KineMaster?

The good thing here is that it is simple and easy to use. You will learn how to use it in just a few minutes just by exploring its options and tools.

On the other hand, it can also speed up this learning in this article. In the next few paragraphs, we will show you what KineMaster is, what you can do in it and a step by step on how to use its main features.

Check it out below!

What is Kinemaster?

As you noticed in our introduction, KineMaster is a smartphone video editor. Through it, you can take recordings you have made and apply special effects, manipulate the volume of the sound, include graphic elements such as image and text and even add free music for commercial use, usually available on websites to download music online.

That is, it equips you to improve the videos you have created with your mobile phone camera. Because of this, you can use it even outside the home, ideal for making small adjustments like adding subtitles to videos or applying a special effect to publish on Stories.

Before you start, access the link to download the Android version or click on the other one for the iPhone edition.

Now, it's time to learn how to use KineMaster!

How to use Kinemaster?

After downloading and installing KineMaster on your phone, here's how to use some of its main tools.

How to edit a video using KineMaster

You can create a video from scratch using KineMaster. That is, it is not necessary to have anything previously recorded, since it brings templates that allow you to create quick videos to use on your social networks, for example.

To do this, click on the central button of the app.

kinemaster start

Now, choose the aspect ratio of your video. For those who intend to upload the video to their YouTube channel, the ideal is 16: 9. For Instagram Stories or TikTok, the best is the 9:16 ratio. For posts in the Instagram feed and other media like Facebook itself, the 1: 1 pattern is interesting.

Anyone will do this step by step.

choose the aspect ratio

You will be on the creation screen. KineMaster allows you to use files from your smartphone's own library. Choose a video that you have recorded on your phone.

choose a video from your library

How to cut video

You will now have access to the editing tools. The first of these is the cut, which allows you to remove excerpts from the video. To do this, touch the scissors icon.

how to cut with the kinemaster

Choose the starting point within the video by dragging the pink bar at the bottom of the app to the section you want to cut.

drag to move the pink bar

Select one of the four options – Trim to the left of the indicator, trim to the right of the indicator, separate the playback indicator and separate and insert still image – according to what you need.

trim the video

Inserting images in the video

To place images in your KineMaster clips, just click on the option Clip images, still on the edit screen.

kinemaster images

Select the theme of the image.

select the theme

Choose one of the templates for your chosen theme.

choose the image of the kinemaster

How to control video speed

You can also make the video faster or slower, as if it were a slow motion. To do this, return to the main editing screen and choose Speed ​​control.

choose speed

Then move the menu bar to the right – marked with a number 1 – to the left to decrease the speed. To accelerate, just swipe to the right.

make the kinemaster speed adjustment

Rotating and flipping your video

You can also rotate and flip your content when learning how to use KineMaster, a good idea if you want to publish the same video to more than one social media simultaneously.

For inversion, just select the alternative Reverse and KineMaster will do that automatically.

click reverse

To rotate, click Rotate / Reflection.

choose to rotate and reflect on the kinemaster

Click on the buttons shown in the screenshot below to apply the different rotations to it.

rotate your video

How to export videos

Finished making edits? So now you are ready to export your video and show it to the world. To do this, return to the main editing screen and click on the button shown below.

click the kinemaster export button

Then choose the resolution – we recommend that the minimum is 720p – and the frame rate, which we recommend keeping at 30. Finally, click Export and wait a few minutes to finish rendering.

end the video

After this period, your video will be in the gallery and ready to be shared!

General KineMaster Recommendations

These are some of the main functions of the app. If you are new to editing videos on your phone, our recommendation is to start with these.

In addition to these, see some general tips when learning how to use KineMaster.

  • 1. Undo: did something wrong? Then click the undo button in the vertical bar on the left of the screen.
  • 2. Delete: do you want to remove some element that didn't look so good? Then drag the section to the trash can, in the same menu as the undo button.
  • 3. Change rail position: Do you prefer to view the video timeline in greater detail? Then click this button to switch places with the preview!

follow our recommendations on how to use the kinemaster

Were you able to learn how to use KineMaster?

Through these tools, you will be able to start learning how to use KineMaster. It is worth mentioning that they are not the only ones, so nothing prevents you from exploring it further, once you are used to the initial tools.

Now, if you are also looking for a PC video editor, our recommendation is Movavi.

A more complete platform, it has all the features described above, along with more advanced tools. It is also worth mentioning the access to another large collection of elements, music and special effects, which will help enrich your videos.

To learn more, click on the link to get to know Movavi right now!

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