How to use Trivago to find the cheapest prices

Most people have heard of Trivago at some point. Whether because of the famous TV advertisements or because you have already had to search for a hotel on one of your trips. But not everyone knows how to use Trivago to get cheaper prices and ends up accepting more common offers.

That's why today we will teach you how to use Trivago step by step and how to keep an eye on the offers. To check out our complete tutorial, just take a look at our tips below!

What you need to know before

To begin, you need to keep a few things in mind. This includes where you are going, the date of your return, how many people will be with you, the price you are willing to pay and what is really essential in a hotel for you.

These are all things we discussed including our general tips on Trivago, which you can check out at the link. Other than that, our biggest tip is to do the process below several times over a long time before your real trip.

After all, it will not be possible to compare prices and know when they are low if you only check them once or twice over long periods of time. That said, let's find out how to use Trivago to find good prices!

How to use Trivago to find good prices

Right from the start, you should of course access Trivago. This can be done by accessing their official website, which you can find on this link.

Step 1: with the website open, you will see that you must inform the destination of the trip, the date of arrival and departure from the hotel and how many guests stayed there. When entering all the data, click on "Search".

using trivago

Step 2: This will take you to a selection of all hotels compatible with the one you selected. It is here that we will have the first contact with the prices of each hotel and their evaluations.

hotel suggestions

Step 3: one of the things you’ll notice is that the hotels that appear are selected by the “Sort by” tab. By default, they are selected as “Suggestion”, which can prioritize more location, analysis of users, what the hotel offers, etc.

hotel suggestion

You can click on this tab to choose another option. We suggest the alternative “Suggestion and price”, as this selects good hotels and has a price to be taken into account.

If you select only the option "Price", you will notice that very cheap and lower quality hotels will appear first.

Step 4: with that done, it's time to better analyze prices. If you hover your mouse over the bar that says "good", "medium" or "acceptable", you will see that Trivago himself informs you whether that price is decent or not.

cheap and good hotels

It not only displays how much that hotel would normally cost, but it also calculates the percentage you save when booking the option in question. You will notice that the colors and words used in that bar are also indicative to know if the discount is just normal or not to be missed.

avoiding expensive hotels while learning how to use Trivago

There is also the case that the bar is red and the price is well above normal. This is very important and you need to be aware.

Step 5: if you believe you have found a great price in a hotel that offers everything you need, you can make your reservation now. Only it is possible to take an extra step if you really want to guarantee a good deal and be a master on how to use Trivago.

This step consists of checking all the hotels you find interesting, with the names and prices you found on the date of the search. Make a small selection of only those you really consider staying.

Now do a search over the next few days (or even weeks) of these same hotels and check the different prices that appear each day. This will let you know which prices are actually promotional and which fake “discounts” never really change much.

It is also worth doing this at different times of the day, as prices may change according to the period. By doing all this and knowing how to use Trivago more efficiently, it is simpler to make sure you got the best deal.

Did you like the tips?

Did you take advantage of our tips to learn how to use Trivago to find your favorite hotels at the best price? So don't forget to leave your comment below telling us what you think of the service!

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