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How to Watch TV on the Internet - Best Apps

How to Watch TV on the Internet – Best Apps

You may have heard of a neighbor or neighbor who learned how to watch TV over the internet and now does not leave the cell phone. It is also possible to do the same, since there are several options to accompany your favorite programs and novels without needing a television.

Several open and subscription TV operators already offer this service. That is, the control dispute ended at the time of your favorite show. You can either watch on the cell phone or access the recording later, at a more convenient time.

Some of these apps are already part of our listings with the best streaming services or apps leads for watching movies and shows. The difference is that in this article, we'll show only the applications that allow watching TV programming.

Therefore, services like Netflix, Crunchyroll or Looke are not included, since they only allow access to recorded shows.

With all the clarity, check out below how to watch TV through the Internet through the main services available in Brazil!

1. Sky Online

The Pay-TV service offers its subscribers Sky Online. With it, you can keep track of your plan channels from your computer, Android smartphones and tablets, or the iPhone and iPad.

how to watch tv on the sky internet

In addition to being able to watch TV programming on any device, you also have access to the Sky Online Club. The platform is used to watch movies and series on demand, through the payment of a rent.

Click the link to find out more about Sky Online.

2. NET Now

Similar to what Sky Play offers, NET Now also allows its subscribers to watch the programs of their cable TV package over the internet.

With NET Now, you can access the programming of any channel that is included in your combo. It is also possible to watch episodes or movies recorded for free. However, much of the Now collection can be accessed for rent.

The main highlight of Now is its integration with other streaming services. As part of the Claro group, by subscribing to the Net, you gain access to the Claro Video catalog, directly from the Now application.

Telecine or HBO channel subscribers can also access the channel catalog and watch their favorite movies and series. Access the link to learn more about Net Now.

3. Live TIM

This internet carrier offers online channels to its subscribers. That is, by signing a connection packet, you can watch the TV channels open and some of the subscription TVs.

However, instead of the device that connects to the TV, you will access these channels through the internet. That is, you learn how to watch TV online on the go. Channels can be accessed by Smart TV, on your computer or on a mobile device.

See more about Live Tim's offers through the link.

4. Globo Play

If you've grown up with the soap operas of the nation's most popular broadcaster and do not intend to trade it on Netflix or any other online channel, Globo Play may be just right for you.

How to watch tv on the internet globe

When you sign it, you will have full access to the programming of the channel open over the internet. That is, you can watch your favorite soap operas or programs on any internet device.

In addition, you can watch episodes that have passed, movies and exclusive service series and even get ahead and see the chapter of your favorite novel before it even airs. Learn more about Globo Play by accessing the link.

5. Live Play

All operators want a piece of the TV market online, so there are several ways to learn how to watch TV over the internet. Vivo is not left out and brings its users to Vivo Play.

The service offers about 50 channels that you can watch live. In addition, the operator also has its own catalog of movies and series that you can follow whenever you want.

Other on-demand TV applications are available on Vivo Play. Among them, the Telecine Play, HBO Go and Cartoon Network Go, among others.

Click the link to learn how to use Vivo Play to watch TV on the web.

Did you learn how to watch TV online?

There are not many quality options to watch TV online for free. Many end up displaying too many ads and popups that could jeopardize the security of your device.

watch tv online

If you subscribe to any of the services mentioned above is currently impossible and you prefer to search for these channels, be sure to use an antivirus before accessing those sites.

What do you think of the platforms that we show throughout this article? Have you tested any of them? Recommend your favorite by clicking below!

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