How to Work on the Internet: 20 Tips to Get Started

From 5 years to now, the movement for greater freedom to manage their own working hours has increased considerably. Whether it be for the will to undertake, family need or even lack of places in the market, since October 2018 the number of people seeking extra income and how to work through the internet has grown.

If you are reading this article, it is likely to be one of them. As editors and content producers, we understand that learning how to work online helps us to be more creative. Especially if we use productivity apps or find ways to make money on Instagram and Facebook.

But creating articles for the web is just one among the many options on how to work on the internet! So we’ve put together some of the best work tips you can do while having a notebook or cell phone and a network connection.

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1. Create a blog

Since we mentioned writing right away in our introduction, our first tips will be for aspiring writers. The first step for anyone who wants to make money online is by setting up a blog.

It will not generate you an income right away. Even so, it is the best way to generate passive income if you spend a few hours to create consistent content.

Remember that it is not necessary to have experience or skills in building websites. Nowadays, there are several tools that make it easy to create blogs and online courses designed to teach you websites, like the examples we show in this article.

how to work on the internet write

With the right time and strategies, you’ll start getting proposals to write on other blogs, advertise products within your niche or make some income through affiliate marketing, which we’ll talk about later.

2. Sign up for freelance work platforms

Ideal for anyone who is starting to write online, but needs an immediate income. In this case, it is interesting that you work on two fronts: the first to build a passive income and the second to generate money right away.

While most of the offers on these platforms for freelancers do not offer a great payout, entry for beginners is easier. This will allow you to build a portfolio and start building lasting relationships with worthwhile clients.

See this article with some sites to make money online daily, create your registration and, to start learning how to work on the internet, meet this freelance writing course that can generate you an income of up to $ 3,000 a month!

3. Review texts online

You do not have to be a good writer to have work on the internet. If you have a good command of the Portuguese language and its orthographic and grammatical rules, you can correct the work of these writers.

Just as there is a great demand for online copywriters, proofreaders are also needed to check if writing is correct. It should be noted that this also includes checking assertions and their respective sources.

Get to know some sites to work from home and start your career as a web reviewer!

4. Create an online store

Creating a virtual store, just like blogging, has become banal. Most platforms offer support and tools that make it easy to create.

Therefore, you can create a virtual store even without any programming or design experience. Choose a niche, start selling your own used products or, if working with crafts, put your creations on sale.

But nothing to toast your money! Remember to always reserve a part to expand your business, hire tools to facilitate work or learn new skills, among others.

5. Sale by social networks

If you are not interested in creating a virtual store and believe that you have more ability to sell through social networks, this is also a very valid option for those who want to learn how to work online.

sale by the social media

It’s worth remembering that using social media for business adds multiple layers of complexity. Just like on the blog, you should learn how to produce consistent content, use management tools, and learn about sponsored ads.

On the other hand, that’s the kind of thing that happens to anyone who wants to work with digital marketing, even if it’s a little truth told.

Still, it’s important to remember that digital marketing does bear fruit and can change the way you work, even if it’s not as easy as it sounds.

To learn more about increasing your sales through social media, check out this article with some instagram selling tips!

6. Affiliate Marketing

Regardless of whether you prefer to make money by producing content for your blog, social media or by recording videos for YouTube, you can use affiliate marketing.

What is affiliate marketing?

It’s a way to sell online without creating the product itself. For example, if you have a literature site or channel, you can join the Amazon program to earn commissions on the sale of indicated books in your content.

To do this, simply generate a link on the product page that you are indicating and putting in your article. Affiliate marketing is not limited to literature and covers a huge variety of products, which can include tools for gaining followers on Instagram, online courses or online chat sites for companies, among many others.

how to work affiliate internet

7. Virtual Assistant

One of my jobs was as an executive assistant. Answering calls, answering emails and messages from clients, and taking care of the «boss» agenda are some of the duties of the position. In addition to fulfilling a working day.

If I had not changed profession and started writing online, acting as a virtual assistant was a possible alternative path.

After all, a virtual assistant does almost the same things as an executive assistant like any other. The difference is that you fulfill your work-at-home journey, that is, you learn how to work the internet in a familiar territory, if you also have experience in the job.

One of the few things that differ from the conventional professional is that because it works virtually, it may be interesting to learn a little bit about digital marketing – follow some experts on the subject! – and how online attendance by social media or WhatsApp works.

8. Build virtual stores on Instagram

Learned how to create virtual stores and sell on Instagram, but discovered that you are not very happy working with it? No need to throw your knowledge away!

You can use what you have learned to create your ecommerce on the platform to help others create their own virtual stores on Instagram!

Do you know how to build Insta stores on your own so you do not think you can do well in this business?

Then click on the link and learn about the Online Express Store course, with everything you need to create an online store that will generate an incredible return for you and your customers!

create an online store and make your own business

9. Start a podcast

A format that has grown quite a lot in recent years, podcasts are conversations or audio talks you can offer in content aggregators like Apple Music and Spotify.

Just like the other formats, you can also use affiliate marketing for commissioned sales. Another alternative is to advertise products in your programs, for example.

10. Create an online course

Throughout the article, you may have noticed that we recommend some courses online. Do you know what that means?

You can also create your own online courses! Do you have any useful skills and have a demand? So do not hesitate and start learning how to work the internet by setting them up and selling them.

There are several online course platforms that take classes from virtually any subject, whether teaching languages ​​or creating crafts, for example.

11. Narrate books

Accessibility is an increasingly present issue and considered by companies. As a result, the number of audiobooks has also increased considerably. Ideal for anyone who has difficulty reading, you will hear the book.

how to work by internet microphone

If you have a good voice and a solid reading, you can become a professional book narrator. Just have a computer with an internet and a microphone of reasonable quality to get jobs in the area.

Never heard an audiobook at all, so you do not know how to start? So check out these audiobook applications and start understanding how bookmarking works!

12. Become a digital influencer at Insta

You may have heard of professionals living on their own content, known as digital influencers. Despite the millions of followers on social networks, that does not mean you can not turn one either.

Just like blogging, you’ll start by creating content without earning any money for it. The goal is to get the first 1000 followers to think about monetizing their content or registering on platforms to find digital influencers.

You can do this through sponsored blog posts, opening a virtual store for your own brand or using affiliate marketing, ideal for that strategy. See this article with some tips to start your career as an influencer on Instagram!

13. Turn a Youtuber

Videos are the type of content most consumed on the internet. This means that, instead of the blog, you can invest in content on Youtube. At first, you should complete a few milestones before monetizing your channel, so think of becoming a youtuber as a long-term plan.

When you reach the top 100 subscribers, you are eligible for a custom URL. Monetization – that is, the ability to place ads on your videos – can only be made when you have 1000 subscribers and your channel has more than 4000 hours of watched videos.

Learn more about making money on YouTube with the tips in this article.

produce videos for youtube

14. Manage social media

You may have noticed that a lot of the tips on how to work online refer to content production. In almost all these models, you will need some level of knowledge about social media.

That means you can offer to manage the social media of other professionals and companies. Managing profiles and pages in these media requires more study of your particular ad platforms and platforms, but you’re probably already accustomed to some aspects and terms, which makes learning easier.

15. Offer services

In the previous item and in the beginning of the article, we mentioned jobs like freelance writer, reviewer and management of social media. But what happens if the type of service that has skill does not fit into these three branches?

Offer it over the internet anyway! If you have worked as a mechanic, seamstress, or any other type of manual service that has demand, you can learn how to work online by selling your services.

Despite the extra work creating content and looking for customers, you are given the freedom to make your own agenda and you can work at your own pace.

16. Trader

One activity that can be quite profitable is that of trader. Operating in the financial market, it is enough to have a computer connected to learn how to work on the Internet by negotiating company stock.

As with all other alternatives in this list, the ideal is to study hard or have some prior knowledge. On the other hand, this knowledge is not difficult to find: there are several content producers and online courses that teach how to do well on the Stock Exchange.

17. Publish your own books

You do not currently need a publisher to offer you a contract to sell your books. Platforms like Amazon itself allows you to publish your ebooks on your own.

how to work by internet amazon

As much as you have to deal with issues like sales, editing and even the arts, you are independent to create what you want and hire the professional you need to create your ideal book. Ever imagined bumping into people reading your book on Kindle or other digital readers?

Obviously, it is interesting that you research the market and look for profitable niches before deciding what type of book you want to write. Here are some Android note apps that you can use to start annotating the results of your searches for a new book.

18. Work with transcription

One of the most laborious tasks for a journalist is to transcribe an audio interview to text. Although there are applications that do much of this work, many turn to other professionals who specialize in transcription.

If you have difficulty creating new guidelines for being a freelance copywriter but still want to work over the internet just by writing, transcription is an alternative solution that can be advantageous.

19. Image and video creation and editing

A very common profession in the freelance area and ideal for those who need to learn how to work on the internet. You have several options here.

For example, you can create corporate social media images, edit product photos for a virtual store, or edit digital influencer videos on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube, among others. This is one of the areas most demanded by professionals on the internet.

If you already have experience or training in the field, you can start looking for placements on freelance platforms!

20. Selling photos or videos

Are you able to take professional photos or record videos? So you can work online by selling your photos to image banks or directly to companies!

There are several platforms that propose partnership programs, in which a professional of photography or video can expose their works in these sites and offer for others to buy. When someone buys your work, you get a good share of the pay, leaving a percentage for the platform.

You can also merge this tip with item 15 from the list, if offering to work on events, for example.

How to work on the internet? You choose!

As you can see throughout this article, you have several options of areas or skills that you can take advantage of to work online.

Still, it is necessary to study some topics so that you can maximize your income, as it also happens in the formal market. Did you like the idea of ​​starting to learn how to work on the internet? Which function did you most identify with? Leave a Reply

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