iBeeSoft Data Recovery – how to recover Mac files

Learning how to recover Mac files is a necessary evil. As much as the Apple system is completely safe, accidents can happen. These accidents can be HD defects or even delete an important file or photo by mistake.

Therefore, it is ideal to have a solution that allows you to recover Mac files whenever necessary. IBeeSoft offers a solution through its iBeeSoft Data Recovery. Exclusive to the Mac, the app has some features that will allow you to better manage the local files on your computer or notebook.

In the following paragraphs, we will mention the main features and advantages of the application, in addition to showing some of the methods it uses to recover photos, videos and files from your computer, USB stick or memory card.

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What are the features of iBeeSoft Data Recovery?

The first thing you need to know about the software is that it can recover Mac files of any kind, as we mentioned above. It doesn't matter if the files were movies you were downloading or important documents that were stored on a memory card.

See below what the program allows you to do:

  • Recover Mac files from any hard drive: if the combination was used command + del to delete files and did not notice that they were the wrong documents, the program allows you to reverse this deletion.
  • Recover Mac files thrown in the recycle bin: in addition to the documents deleted with the above command, you can also use iBeeSoft Data Recovery to take them out of the trash and put them in your source folder.
  • Recovers Mac files from formatted disks: formatted your Mac hard drive and forgot to save any important documents? The program also allows you to recover files lost in a format.
  • Recover lost files on the APFS drive: new in Mac OS High Sierra, what you lost in APFS can also be recovered on Mac. The same goes for current editions of the operating system.
  • Do disk recovery: not only recover Mac files, but iBeeSoft Data Recovery allows you to recover your own hard drive. Thus, it can recover several files that have been lost.
  • Virus recovery: It is important to have an antivirus installed on your computer, even on a Mac. Still, iBeeSoft Data Recovery is capable of recovering Mac files due to viruses.

software home screen to recover mac files

We have already said that the software allows you to retrieve documents in different types of storage. In addition to the HD or SSD installed on your Mac, you can also restore deleted files on memory cards, flash drives, digital photo cameras and several other types of less conventional hard drives.

We can say the same for file extensions. We will not mention them all, since there are dozens. However, you can count on the possibility of recovering photographs in JPG and PNG, MP3 music and videos in MP4, AVI and MOV extensions and the main formats of documents or compressed files.

Learn more about recovering Mac files with the app!

IBeeSoft Data Recovery is ideal for having an emergency or distraction that causes files to be erased from your Mac. Its compatibility with the different versions of the Apple operating system are one of the main highlights, in addition to being able to restore files in almost all types of extension.

Is there a photo album that disappeared without a trace from your computer, notebook, memory card or USB stick? Then access the link right now and see the different ways to get your photos back with iBeeSoft Data Recovery!

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