iFood down – 5 alternatives to order delivery

Ordering food has become an increasingly easy task, mainly because of the food delivery apps. The most famous of these apps is iFood. However, it may not be available, so we have selected the best alternatives to use if iFood is down.

Read on to see how to place food delivery orders of all kinds at any time.

1. Uber Eats

Uber Eats is a market-leading food delivery platform developed by race-sharing giant Uber. It is one of the best options for when you want to order food but iFood is down and also one of its biggest competitors.

It is present in a large number of Brazilian cities (check them all via the link) and, as it is from Uber, you can use the same account for both, without having to re-add your credit card.

It is extremely easy to place orders through the platform, requiring you to login, enter the shipping address, choose the restaurant you want (using filters such as price range, distance and type of food), choose the desired dish , add cart and pay.

Then just wait for your food to arrive at the door; it will be delivered by a partner driver and you can monitor your location through the app or web site. Remember that it is also possible to make cash payment after the food arrives.

If you would like to use this option when iFood is down, follow the download links on Google Play or the App Store, or go to the official website to ask for the best browsers and check out everything you need to know about Uber Eats!

Uber Eats

2. China In Box

If you like Chinese food, you certainly know China In Box, the largest food chain of its kind in our country. With the China In Box app you can easily order such foods, even with iFood down.

It has over 40 menu options on its menu: all the same options you would find in physical restaurants. In it, you will find description and images of each item and a complete list of all brand branches distributed throughout Brazil.

With it you can even assemble your plate as you wish, for example by choosing your favorite type of pasta for yakissoba. If you want to order from China In Box, just follow the links to the App Store or Play Store to download Android or iPhone apps.

China in Box iFood out of breath

3. Mobo

Mobo is a relatively small platform with presence in only three Brazilian cities: Porto Alegre, Curitiba and São Paulo. However, it still earns its place on our list of alternatives when iFood goes down because of the coupons offered.

Through it, you can either place orders from the comfort of your home, if the restaurant offers this option, or purchase discount coupons to go eat in any restaurant. It does not find the nearest restaurants, unlike most apps of its kind.

If you want to use this amazing app when you find iFood down, follow the download links for Android or iPhone, or go to the official website to read more.


4. Rappi

Another of the best options for when you want to order that pizza but iFood is down is Rappi, a platform that offers much more than just food orders.

Through it, you can make small grocery ranches, order 24-hour pharmacy orders, order 24-hour drinks, order from Petz, one of the largest pet shops in the country, and even use the platform to deliver you as things to help friends. .

You can track all orders in real time, as well as allow the user to add specific instructions for the shipper. To make payments, you can use debit or credit cards through the app, PayPal, or even through RappiPay, the company's platform focused on payments.

If you would like to use this app, follow the link to the Play Store or App Store, or if you prefer, go to the official website, where you can also place orders from your browser.

Rappi iFood out of breath

5. Apptitis

Another great option for those who want to order food but iFood is down is Apptite, an option that is only available in the city of Sao Paulo. With it, you can order gourmet orders produced by professional chefs, with whom you can communicate to make your perfect dish.

The minimum delivery time is 25 minutes after ordering, but remember that you can schedule a day for a tasting up to a week in advance. Payment methods accepted are credit, debit, VR and Ticket cards.

Follow the links to the Play Store, App Store, or official website to see more about the platform and download it to your smartphone.

IFood Apptite out of breath

6. famine

The last of the delivery app alternatives to use when iFood is down is aiqfome. It is available in 16 Brazilian states and dozens of cities, distinguishing itself for ease of use and user communication and presence in smaller cities.

With it, you can order from any type of food establishment, such as pizzerias, patisseries and hamburgers. All at a great discount to save you money.

Go to the official page to use the platform, or go to the App Store or Play Store to download the app to your smartphone.

aiFfome iFood down

So what do you think of the alternatives to use if iFood is down?

Leave it in the comments if you already knew or used any of them and don't forget to say, too, if we don't include your favorite delivery app. Be sure to check out our complete guide to how iFood works.

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