Import emails from Yahoo Mail to Gmail: step by step

If you were a user of Yahoo's email service but are looking for a change of scenery and don't want to lose all your messages, check out how to import emails from Yahoo Mail into Gmail, one of the best email platforms today.

Read on, find out a little about what Gmail is and check out the step by step how to import into your new inbox!

1. What is Gmail?

Before we get to what really interests you, which is teaching you how to import emails from Yahoo Mail to Gmail, let's give you a quick explanation of what this email service is and why it is worth using.

Gmail is a free email service developed by Google, which can be accessed on the web through internet browsers, through Android or iPhone apps, or even through email management programs.

It was launched in 2004 during a beta testing period and ended the testing phase in 2009. Currently, it already has more than 1.5 billion active users worldwide.

What is importing emails from Yahoo Mail to Gmail

Why use Gmail?

In order for you to really want to transfer your emails received by Yahoo Mail in Gmail, it is necessary to understand why it is recommended to use it, which we will do here.

  • Storage: Originally, Gmail only had 1 GB of storage space per user, which at the time was much more than the competition. Currently, it reaches 15 GB for free, but this size is shared with Google Drive and Google Photos services;
  • Interface: Gmail has an interface superior to most competitors, with several different inboxes to better filter incoming emails. They are the "Main", a "Social" and the “Promotions”. It also features a native dark mode;
  • Spam Filter: Gmail has a community-focused system, where when a user marks an incoming email as spam, it automatically sends information to the system to improve its filter;
  • Search: Through this platform, you can easily search for past emails, contacts, Google Drive files and Google Calendar events.

2. How to import emails from Yahoo Mail to Gmail?

If you have decided that you are going to use Gmail considering all the benefits it brings, keep reading this section and discover the step by step how to put your old inbox in it.

Import emails

The import process is quite simple to do, and it can be done by either Gmail or Yahoo Mail. We will explain just how to do this through Gmail, as this is the best method:

  • Go to the official page from Gmail;
  • If necessary, perform the login;
  • Click on the gear icon in the right corner of the screen;

Gear import emails from Yahoo Mail to Gmail

  • click in "Settings";


  • Select the tab that says “Accounts and imports”;
  • There, go to “Import messages and contacts” and click on the blue button to do that;

import messages and contacts import emails from Yahoo Mail to Gmail

  • With that, a little window will open asking you to enter the email address you want to import the emails and click "Continue";
  • It will be necessary to login to the account through this window;

yahoo login import emails from Yahoo Mail to Gmail

  • With that, just choose whether you want to import only contacts, emails, new messages during the next 30 days or all options and click “Start import”.

Import options

Redirect emails

It is also possible to redirect all future emails received on Yahoo Mail directly through the platform itself:

  • First, go to the official Yahoo Webmail page;
  • Then, log in to the account that has the emails to be imported;
  • click in "Settings", in “More Settings” and then "Mailboxes";
  • Now, select your primary email address for your account, scroll to the bottom of the screen and "Forwarding" enter the email address wherever emails go. With that, all future emails you receive on Yahoo Mail will go to Gmail.

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