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Instagram Best Friends How to Use: Complete Tutorial

Instagram Best Friends How to Use: Complete Tutorial

Instagram's best friends tool is a great way to make money on the social network!

The newly released feature lets you create a second list of followers who can view your post ideas for Stories in an exclusive way. The best: they'll know they're on your Instagram best friends list!

The function was already asked for some time, since there was no control over which posts a certain group of followers might or might not see a story of their own. To prevent a follower from viewing your Stories, you would have to either block it, rename it in Instagram, or simply delete followers so they would stop viewing your content.

What was not expected is that you can use this tool to help you have a successful Instagram.

Why can you use this to create a kind of "VIP list" of your followers on Insta? Precisely because of the exclusivity, known as one of the main mental triggers of marketing.

By having followers on his list of best friends on Instagram, he becomes part of an exclusive group, one category above the others. That is, it's like converting followers into leads without directing them to an email marketing or WhatsApp list.

Before we talk about how to use the new feature to sell on Insta, check out below how to include one or more followers on Instagram's best friends list!

How to use Instagram Best Friends

1 – Open the Instagram app and click the icon in the lower right corner;

best friends of instagram profile

2 – Touch the icon in the form of three horizontal sticks in the upper right corner of the screen;

best instagram friends menu

3 – Click the Best friends;

access the list

4 – Instagram itself suggests options of friends to put on the list. Just click on Add next to the follower name you want to include in the list;

instagram best friends add

5 – Touch the Your List to review which followers are your best friends on Instagram. In it, you can remove users and put them back in the list of common followers;

best instagram friends list

6 – Click in Conclude when you have finished organizing your list;

conclude best friends finish

How to post to Instagram's Best Friends

Now that you've created your list, how do you make unique posts for them? The process continues easy and practical!

Return to the feed and swipe left to create a story.

Create the post normally.

post no stories

Then make the edits you want – see in these articles how to create polls, invent new tests and ask questions in Instagram Stories! – and when finished tap Best friends to finalize your exclusive post!

instagram best friends to publish

To see if the story has actually been published to your list of Instagram best friends, just go to the post you just published. A green button called Best friends will be positioned in the upper right corner of your story.

published instagram best friends

Why should you use the function to sell?

So far, the tools look great for anyone who wants more privacy. If you start Instagram and have a profile of your brand, you know it does not matter at all.

But if we told you that you can use Instagram's Best Friends for a sales purpose?

With exclusivity, you can create targeted posts to followers who have great odds of buying or even those who have already bought from you through the social network. The problem is: how to optimize your time when managing this list?

The Bume automation platform has recently launched a new function dedicated to this tool!

How can Bume help you with Instagram's Best Friends? First, it can automatically include and exclude followers from your list. That is, whenever a follower wants exclusive access to his Stories for best friends, he can request this through a Bume form.

This form is accessed through a link, offered by the platform itself. After signing, these followers are automatically included in Instagram's best friends list. You manage this list directly from the Bume control panel.

Another possibility with Instagram's Best Friends is to create a paid content club as if it were a recurring subscription. In this option, followers who click the link are routed to a sales page.

Use Bume with Instagram's Best Friends!

1 – Click on the link to access Bume and create your registration;

Note: New users can use the platform FREE for 5 days!

2 – Access the Insta profile you want to manage by clicking the Access;

<img class = "alignnone size-full wp-image-60695″ alt=”access the charge” width=”600″ height=”345″ src=””/>

3 – Go to the button Best friends;

instagram bume best friends

4 – Check the box agreeing to the terms and click the button I want to offer my Close Friends;

5 – For this tutorial, we will show you the management of free access to Instagram's Best Friends. Click the corresponding button;

best friends of the instagram

6 – Copy the disclosure link shown on the page;

instagram best friends link

7 – Put this link in your channels of communication and the biography of Instagram to receive your first subscribers;

best friends of instagram bio

8 – You will receive an email every time a new follower joins Instagram's list of best friends. You can access the complete list in two ways: by accessing Instagram itself as shown in the walkthrough at the beginning of the article or by downloading the information from those followers to an Excel spreadsheet.

To do this, simply click the Download in Excel format;

download the data from your list

9 – From here, just open the downloaded worksheet to access subscribers information!

Meet the Bume for 5 days FREE!

Now that you know how to use Instagram's Best Friends to create content and exclusive offers for a portion of your followers on Insta, you can also manage them using Bume.

Want to know how Bume can help you manage this list?

Then access the link and register for FULL and FREE access to Bume for 5 days!

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