Instagram Challenge: which ones are the most popular?

If you have heard of challenges on the internet like the well-known “Ice Bucket Challenge”, you should already be aware of what an Instagram Challenge is. Although the challenge was one of the most popular in its day, people who use social networks like TikTok and Stories themselves often have a new game to play.

But what are the most popular challenges? What do you need to do to join one and why care about Instagram Challenges?

These are the questions we will answer throughout this article. If you've never participated in one of these challenges, know that it's one of the best ways to attract followers on Instagram.

So stay with us and understand what an Instagram Challenge is next!

What is an Instagram Challenge?

Ideal for those looking for ideas for Instagram posts, these challenges usually consist of performing some funny choreography in front of the cameras. To do this, you will probably have to rehearse a challenge and then run it and post it on your profile.

If you are trying a career as a digital influencer, for example, it is important to be aware of the challenges that arise. Especially those related to the subject you are dealing with. For example, if you have an Instagram in a humorous way, you can participate in an Instagram Challenge and make a humorous version of it.

Participating in these challenges can be a way to gain followers on Instagram. To find out what the current challenges are, you can search the most popular Instagram hashtag lists. This means that it is a good idea to keep track of what is becoming popular in the past few days.

Tip: even if your focus is Instagram, be sure to check if you have any new challenges by looking at the most used hashtag lists on TikTok!

What are the most popular Instagram Challenges of 2020?

In the final stretch of the year, we saw some of the most popular challenges. Either to help a cause or simply chase away boredom, here are the most popular Instagram Challenges of 2020!

Evolved Challenge

Using music Evolved of MC Kevin, the Evolved Challenge consists of recording several clips, showing its evolution in some task. For example, influencers in the cosmetics field used the challenge to show in a quick clip each stage of applying makeup, ending the challenge with the final result.

Disney Challenge

Have you ever imagined dubbing a Disney character and using Instagram filters to look more like the characters? In the Disney Challenge, you can do this!

Just leave a piece of film or animation from the production company in the background and have it dubbed. While dubbing, you include and exclude filters with the theme of what you are dubbing. Check out an example below.

The Grinch Challenge

In this Christmas season, nothing better than watching some Christmas movies, right? One of the most famous is The Grinch, which features award-winning actor Jim Carrey in the role of Christmas's greatest antagonist, the grumpy Grinch.

Similar to the previous Instagram Challenge, in this one you must also dub parts of the film, incorporating the character. Here it is worth using both real makeup and filters from Instagram itself.

Halloween Challenge

Quite popular when close to the commemorative date, it is a sure challenge to mark on the calendar and do next year. The Instagram Challenge here is very simple: do a makeup or use a filter from one of the characters from your favorite horror movies.

Just show yourself without any makeup and, while dubbing or humming a theme, show your transformation into a Halloween monster.

post screen of an influencer doing an instagram challenge

#Throwbackthursday or #TBT

Unless you use social media, this is probably the most popular hashtag. Maybe it's even the original Instagram Challenge.

In it, just share a photo, video or excerpt from your past. Here anything goes: photo or video of you in your adolescence or childhood, excerpt from a program or film that was a big fan in the past or video dancing to some old music that you liked a lot.

That is, anything that evokes a feeling of nostalgia in those who are checking the post. The term thursday throwback it means “Thursday nostalgia” and, as the name or acronym means, they are usually published on Thursdays.

Considering that 2020 ends on a Thursday, how about doing a TBT showing how you were at the beginning of the year?

photo with several young people dressed as in the 50s, with blue motorcycles of the time

Use the Instagram Challenge to generate engagement!

Now that you know some of Instagram's challenges, you're ready to generate engagement on your profile. That is, participate in the challenges and use your hashtags to attract new visitors who can become your followers.

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This means that you will associate your profile with the platform, defining specific hashtags – like those of the challenges themselves! – as parameters. Then, Engaji will take over your profile and automatically search for posts with these hashtags, liking and following their authors.

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