Instagram flash game: how to play

Not even the Instagram Stories got away with getting hidden games! Recently, many users found such a blinking game on Instagram. Like Dollify and Snapchat’s child filter, he also became a mania on the platform.

Unlocked by one of the masks of the app, it could not be simpler: the only command of the game is your blink, detected by the camera on your phone.

The flashing game on Instagram puts you like a little lady who does something not very cool: rob a bank! Of course, the police have put up several barriers to stop you. To skip these obstacles, just blink at the right time!

Best of all is that you can record your attempt and display your record in a post on Instagram Stories

Wondering how to find Lop-lop, also known as the blinking game on Instagram? Then follow the detailed walkthrough that we show below!

How to access the blinking game on Instagram?

Before you start playing, you first need to find a friend who has used the mask to unlock it on your profile.

But do not keep looking for a friend!

Save time and search for the @podrugi_persa user, creator of the game. In their highlights, you’ll find Lop-lop. Click on it:

flash game on instagram loplop

Now, slide up on the Stories to release the game;

flash game on instagram slide

You can already play from there! Just follow the command and tap the screen to start;

flash game on instagram play

blink to make the old lady jump

Of course, you do not want to have to access the profile of the creator of the game every time you want to help an old woman escape from a stolen bank with her blinks. So how do you access the flashing game on your profile and, better yet, post on Stories for everyone to know how good you are?

How to play on your profile and post on Stories

1 – After releasing Lop-lop through creator profile, return to the Insta home screen and swipe left;

flash game in instagram home

2 – Choose the mode Free hands to make it easier to play and post. Also touch the bright emoji icon in the lower right corner of the screen;

<img class = «alignnone size-full wp-image-60830″ alt=»flash game in instagram» width=»600″ height=»552″ src=»»/>

3 – Slide until you find the face mask of old. Touch it;

flash game on old instagram

4 – Tap the button at the bottom center to start recording the blinking game on Instagram;

start recording your game

5 – Just like you did before, tap anywhere on the screen to play;

6 – After finishing the game, simply include any Instagram stickers, texts or drawings;

flash game on instagram edit

7 Touch Your story to publish your game in the blinking game on Instagram or, if you prefer that only your list of best friends see, click on the corresponding button;

publish your game

What other Instagram games do you know?

Lop-lop is a fun joke that can be used to compare scores with your friends on Insta. He innovates by using the camera and having a single blink command to jump over obstacles, making it one of the lightest and lightest games in the world.

Did you like Lop-lop? Have other Insta games hidden away there?

While we do not find out, be sure to check out our complete guide by teaching how to ask questions in Instagram Stories and how to use them to increase your engagement in the fastest growing social network on the planet!

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