Instagram for PC: learn to answer directs in the browser!

After many years and requests from users, we can finally respond to Instagram Direct from Internet browsers. In other words, the dream of having a fully functional and native Instagram for PC is closer to being realized. Not even celebrities who achieved the desired blue Instagram seal had this function.

If until then you had to subscribe to the service of some social media management tool to get it, it is now possible to reply to Insta messages on the PC easily. In the next few paragraphs, we'll show you how to send and respond to directs in the browser, show you what you can do and also what you can't do yet.

Check it out below and if you can't find what we show you here, see below what to do when Instagram news doesn't appear!

How to respond to directs in the browser

First, access Instagram for browsers by clicking the link.

There is no mystery: right on the home page you will be able to locate the DM icon of Instagram, right in the top right bar of the screen, similar to what you already do on your smartphone.

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To send a message, just choose one of the contacts you already had a conversation with in the column on the left.

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If you want to send messages to a contact who has not yet had a conversation, click the button Send Message or in the pencil and paper box, also in the left column of the screen.

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Next, you can search the list of suggestions that your Instagram followers use as a base. Alternatively, you can put your username in the search bar by clicking on Advance.

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Now, just type your message and click Submit. Or just press Enter on your keyboard.

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There, you already know how to send Instagram messages to PC!

On the other hand, it is not yet possible to do all the actions that Instagram Direct allows in the mobile version.

So, what can you do about Instagram messages for PC? Check it out below!

What can you do on Instagram Direct from PC?

As you could see in the walkthrough above, you can exchange text messages with your contacts on Insta. What can you do besides?

That's what we're going to show you next!

Send group conversations

It is also possible to start and maintain a group conversation. If there is no group conversation going on, just follow the same steps as described in the previous section.

When you click Send new message or in the pencil and paper box, just choose more than one contact from the list or search for several users. By clicking Advance, the group will be formed and you can now send messages to it.

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Upload images

Instagram for PC also allows you to send messages that are in your computer's storage. To do this, just click on the icon in the form of a frame, located in your message bar.

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Then, just choose the image and it will be sent by Direct browser.

Share IGTV posts, Stories and videos

Another possibility is also to share posts that you saw on Instagram for your contacts. To do this, you should normally access your feed, a user's Stories or click on an IGTV video.

In the posts of the feed, just click on the arrow, located on the same bar where you can like or leave a comment. You can also do the same on IGTV.

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In Stories, just click on the same arrow-shaped icon, this time in the lower right corner of the screen of the content you are watching.

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It is also possible to send content to a group, following the steps that we show throughout the article.

Send message by bio

You can also send a message on the direct when accessing a user's Instagram bio. To do this, simply access someone's profile.

Then just click the button Send Message and write yours!

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Tip: Do you see these buttons just below the bio? Are they the highlights of Instagram? Check out our article and learn how to make Instagram covers that make your profile look even more professional!

What can you NOT do in the direct from the browser?

Now that you know what's possible with Instagram Direct for PC, find out what you can't do with this version yet.

  • Schedule quick responses: one of the best tools for those who use Instagram for business, you can only program quick responses on your phone. Shortcuts already programmed will also not work in this version.
  • Make video calls: It is also not possible to make video calls or videoconferences on Instagram for PC. For this, it is still necessary to use some of these applications to meet online.

What did you think of sending Instagram directs to PC?

Certainly one of the features most requested by Instagram users, mainly from companies, finally just access the main page of Insta to reply or send messages.

What did you think of the novelty? Do you intend to start using it or have you already gotten used to your manager and do not want to abandon it?

Leave your opinion and get to know, a free tool that will allow you to place more than one link in your Insta bio!

Want to know how? Then access the link and find out how easy it is right now!

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