Instagram on Computer: how to manage your profile

There is a lot of cool and in-depth content on Insta and you may be missing out on the best because you can't hold your phone for that long. How about using Instagram on your computer?

Although Instagram is designed to work on a smartphone, there are some significant advantages when using it on your PC or Mac. One of them has already been mentioned above: watching longer and more in-depth content without having to hold your phone for its entire duration.

Have you ever had a numb hand watching live broadcasts from your favorite influencer? If so, you know how uncomfortable and tiring it is.

If you want to work creating posts on Instagram with long captions, don't even think about doing it on your smartphone. As designed for smartphones as Insta is, it is very difficult to create text with just the screen of the phone.

On your computer, you have a larger screen to work on and review the content you’re producing. These are just a few advantages of using Instagram on your computer.

But how to effectively use it and access the same settings that we are already used to doing on mobile? Come with us and we'll show you throughout this article!

How to access Instagram settings on the computer?

Instagram on your computer is compatible with any internet browsers currently available. Just click on the link to access it and log in to it.

Already connected? Then see how to access your profile settings on Insta!

First, click on your profile name in the right part of the screen to see your profile page.

instagram profile on computer

Then click the button Edit profile to change details like your profile picture, username and change your phrases to bio, among others.

edit profile

Despite this ease, we recommend that you change the biography to Instagram only on the smartphone, since the formatting is different. That is, changing the bio on the smartphone will allow you to see how it will appear to others in real time, being more practical.

instagram profile edit screen on computer

But it's worth remembering that these are just one of the few occasions when using Insta on your smartphone is better than Instagram on your computer.

Another thing you can do on the PC is to change the link to your bio. However, you are still limited to just one link.

If you are looking to make money on the internet and need more than one link in your profile, then one solution is to use

In it, you can create a kind of mini-page, in which you can include more links. It is possible to put a link to your sales page, another to a form for capturing contacts or even an Instagram link for WhatsApp, among many others.

Try for free by accessing the link!

How to search the desktop?

Searching Instagram on your computer is as easy as it is on your phone. Better still, you can see more results without scrolling down.

To use the Insta search tool, simply return to the home page and enter a username, hashtag or location.

instagram searches on the computer

As you can see above, a small preview appears on the page itself. If you found what you were looking for, you can click it directly. Otherwise, try other search terms to try to find it.

Tip: If you're trying to use Instagram search on your computer to interact with other profiles and increase your chances of gaining followers on Instagram, we have a special recommendation for you.

Scalehot is a tool that does this automatically! In it, you can pre-define specific hashtags, locations and profiles.

After making this configuration, Scalehot will take care of your profile and search for the hashtags you defined earlier. When found, it will automatically follow the author of the post and enjoy the publication.

When this happens, the author receives a notification of your like and may end up following you back. That is, he will only follow you if he is interested in having contact with you, instead of being a ghost follower who will do nothing.

It is worth mentioning that Scalehot also has a platform to schedule posts in the feed and Stories, send automatic messages to new followers and generate reports on the growth of your profile.

The best of everything? You can register and enjoy 7 days of FREE trials!

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How to use the Explore tab in the browser?

Unlike what happens in the mobile version, the tab To explore browser is different. While on the smartphone it is accessed from the same location where it searches, the Instagram version on the computer has a particular icon for that.

To use the tab To explore on your computer, click the compass icon.

the explore icon is different in the desktop version of Instagram

On this screen, you can find the most popular posts, according to what Instagram algorithm finds most interesting to you or what is most accessed on Instagram in general.

explore screen on pc

However, this area is also different than on cell phones. The recently launched Instagram Reels, for example, are not yet accessible via Instagram on the computer. If your goal is to find them, you will still need to use the smartphone version for that.

On the other hand, you may end up finding interesting videos from IGTV, in order to watch them without tiring your hands.

How to consume Instagram content on the computer?

In addition to producing content for your Instagram followers, you also consume content through Insta. How to follow the main content for Instagram on the computer?

The good news is that it doesn't change much compared to what you already do on your smartphone. The basic home page, in fact, is just like it. You can follow posts in the Instagram feed or IGTV videos that were posted to the feed by simply scrolling down.

To like it, you can either click on the heart or double click on the post.

like instagram on computer

To comment, you can click on the balloon next to the heart or on the bar Add a comment.

click on these points to comment

Want to send the post to someone? Then click on the arrow next to the comment balloon to get started.

how to send posts

Choose where you want to share. As we are focusing on Instagram, for this example we will choose Share by Direct.

share by direct on instagram on the computer

Choose which user or group you want to send!

send the post to your contacts!

In addition, you can also save the post to view later. To do this, click on the flag icon.

click the icon to save

How to see my posts saved on Instagram?

You saved an interesting post you saw on your Instagram on your computer, but how do you check it again? First, click on the icon with your profile photo in the upper right corner of the screen. Then click on Saved.

access the saved area on instagram on your computer

After clicking on the button, you will be able to see all the posts you saved on your Instagram, just click on them to access the original publication again.

see your saved posts

How to watch Stories and follow live streams?

Instagram Stories and lives are accessed in the same way as on mobile. The first is accessed by the horizontal bar at the top of the feed. Just click on the balloon of the person you want to follow to see their latest Instagram Stories.

access stories via pc

Lives are the same. Just check which of the Stories have the word Live written just below the balloon. Just click and start watching the transmission.

Everything you can do when accompanying lives on your phone can also be done on your PC, with the exception of joining as a guest on the live. This option is exclusive to the smartphone.

How to use Instagram Direct on PC?

Instagram Direct is also much more practical when used by the computer, although a little more limited than the smartphone.

To access Instagram Direct on your computer, simply return to the home page and click the arrow icon.

instagram on the computer - access the direct through it

As with mobile, your directs will be divided by the tabs Main and General, and you can click on any contact in your recent conversation list to send a message. To reply to someone who has already sent you a message, just click on that person's photo and write the answer in the text bar that will open in the conversation.

direct menu

To like a message, just double-click on the text itself.

like messages in the direct with double click!

It is also possible to send images from your computer in the middle of the conversation. To do this, just click on the icon that we will show below and choose which photo you want to send.

upload image on instagram on computer

How to send messages to users who don't follow you?

An alternative to contact those who do not follow you using Instagram on the computer is to click on the pencil icon.

click on the pencil shaped icon

Then enter your recipient's name.

search the direct

Now, just write the message! (and hope the person answers you!)

What NOT to do on Instagram Direct for desktop?

For example, the only way to reply to messages for him is by text. You will still need your cell phone to respond with audios or videos.

In addition, you cannot participate in audio or video calls. That is, when you need video or audio, go to your smartphone. To deal with many messages that can be answered by text, it is best to use Instagram on the computer.

Instagram on the computer: what did you think of using it?

What did you think of managing your Instagram profile on your computer? Despite having some limitations, in other aspects it is much more practical than on the smartphone.

But there is a way to make managing your profile even more practical.

Bume is an Instagram platform created to help you better manage your profile.

There, you can schedule the publication of your feed posts and Stories directly from the computer. In addition, the platform itself generates engagement reports, allowing you to know which types of posts are working best.

Bume also makes it possible to manage comments on posts and even respond to directs, without having to leave the window you are using.

And if you usually publish a lot of content on Stories and have created an exclusive list of Best Friends on Instagram, Bume is the only platform that allows you to manage that list, especially if you use it to distribute exclusive and paid content to a portion of your followers.

Want to see how Bume works firsthand?

So click on the link right now and register to enjoy 5 days of FREE trials on the platform!

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