Instagram polls: how to create and 9 best examples

Instagram polls are one of the best types of content you can put on Stories. Interactive, you can use them both to amuse your Instagram followers and to research what types of content to post next.

Launched a few years ago – that is, they will be available even if the news from Instagram does not appear quickly for you – they are still widely used by those who need new ideas for posts daily. There are two types of Instagram polls: binary, in which you ask a question and your followers choose between two fixed answers. Sliding polls also allow you to ask a question. This time, followers must slide an emoji over a slider to answer you.

Want to know how to create Instagram polls and increase your chances of gaining followers on Instagram? Then learn how to create this type of post in the following step by step. Then, be sure to check out some examples that could serve as an example for your content.

How to create Instagram polls: step by step

To start creating Instagram polls, open the app and swipe the screen to the left.

instagram home screen with red arrow pointing to the left

Now, take photos or record videos for Stories as usual. On the editing screen, touch the icon located in the upper central corner, as we pointed out in this screenshot.

story editing screen, with red arrow pointing to stickers icon

Choose the sticker Survey. If you wanted to create a sliding poll, you must choose the sticker with an emoji sliding over a bar.

screen of story stickers, with red arrows pointing to the available instagram polls

Write the question.

instagram poll sticker screen, with red border box highlighting the field where you should write the question

Then choose the two possible answers. If you chose the sliding poll, define the emoji of the bar.

stories sticker screen, with red border box highlighting the responses of instagram polls

Add any other effects or edits and tap Your story to publish your poll.

story editing screen with red arrow pointing to your story button

There, your poll is published! To check the answers, just open your Stories again and touch the eye-shaped icon in the bottom left corner of the screen.

Now that you know how to create Instagram polls, here are some examples to inspire you to create your own content. Remember that these are references for inspiration. Creating your own content is very important and making direct copies can cause you to lose your reputation on social media.

1. Luciano Larrossa

stories screen with instagram polls by luciano larrossa

Luciano Larrossa specializes in paid traffic and uses his Instagram account to give tips and answer questions about social media ads. In the example above, he tests his followers, asking them to answer a question they asked him in previous content.

In addition to generating engagement, Luciano combined the questions from the Stories with the polls, keeping his followers always interacting with the profile.

2. Ana Tex

ana tex stories screen

Ana Tex is one of the best Instagram experts in Brazil and uses her profile to give tips to anyone planning to make money online. In her Stories, she asked her followers if they knew about a new feature on the social network that will allow influencers on Instagram to monetize their content.

This is an example of Stories that is ideal for generating engagement. That is, keep your followers interacting with your profile.

3. Nathalia Arcuri

nathalia arcuri's stories screen

Owner of Me Poupe, the largest finance channel in Brazil, Nathalia Arcuri also uses her Instagram profile to disseminate financial education content. Like Luciano Larrossa, she combined Stories' questions with a poll.

While the question prompted followers to indicate topics, she used the poll to see if followers want to know more about a particular topic.

4. Gustavo Cerbasi

stories screen with gustavo cerbasi's instagram polls

Like Nathalia Arcuri, Gustavo Cerbasi is also one of the main figures in the area of ​​financial education. Author of the book Intelligent Couples Get Rich Together, he uses his profile to offer tips on finance and sustainable mobility.

In the Stories in question, he takes the turn of the year to ask his followers how they are planning and if they are prepared to deal with the new year, which started as challenging as the previous one.

5. Financial Education for Children

children's financial education stories screen

In order to help parents teach their children about financial education from an early age, the author of the profile uses her Stories as a survey to find out what content to approach. In this case, analyze animations that talk about the theme.

6. Canva Without Laziness

stories screen with canva profile instagram polls without laziness

Focused on reaching entrepreneurs who cannot afford a designer to create the images for their business, this profile teaches them how to use Canva, a tool to create simple and easy to use images.

In these Stories, she also tests the knowledge of her followers, asking them to answer a question asked by another follower.

7. Thiago Nigro

thiago nigro stories screen

Another well-known personality in the world of finance, the creator of the website O Primo Rico uses his profile as an extension of his business.

Promoting his next book, he used Instagram polls to make a kind of teaser. That is, encourage your followers to guess the book's content.

8. Trakto

trakto stories screen

An online tool for editing images, Trakto uses its Stories to publicize the tool and help its followers to use it efficiently. In this poll, he used a follower response that released a drawing.

Rather than just asking the opinion of followers, however, the tool used Instagram polls to claim that it will rather draw a special link to access the full version of the online application.

9. Ricardo Maxxima

ricardo maxxima's stories screen

An expert designer at Canva, Ricardo Maxxima did not use Instagram polls to ask about topics, but to do a little humor.

Showing a customer with a problem to pay for his course, he used the sliding polls to find out if his followers found the occasion funny, which usually happens even if everything seems to be okay.

Instagram polls: have you started posting yet?

Now that you've understood some of the best ways to create Instagram polls, you can start using them to generate engagement on your profile.

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