Instagram Reels: how to use? [Guia Completo 2020]

Instagram Reels is the latest content platform on Instagram. With the feed, Stories and IGTV, Reels becomes the fourth place where you can create unique content. Rivaling with TikTok, Reels is ideal for creating short videos.

This may make it look like Stories, but with a fundamental difference: Reels' content does not disappear after 24 hours!

That is, all of your Reels will be stored and available at any time, without the need to create highlights in your bio for Instagram. This feature will allow you to create timeless content, that is, a post that is valid regardless of when your Instagram followers accessed it.

Still not sure how to use the platform? Need help creating Instagram Reels posts? Or do you want to watch some before you start creating?

Check out our complete Reels guide below!

Where to watch Instagram Reels?

The first point to learn is to know where you can watch other users' Reels. Because of their recent arrival, the only place where you can watch them and even create content is on your smartphone.

That is, even if you prefer to use Instagram on your computer, you can only access Reels if you use the app on your phone.

One of the benefits of Instagram Reels – and one that makes you a TikTok rival – is that you don't have to see Reels just from the people you're following. It is very easy to watch the various content made on the platform without having to pause.

To learn how to do this, see the next excerpt from our complete guide!

How to watch Instagram Reels?

Now the real step by step begins!

To watch Instagram Reels that the app finds interesting for you, open the Insta app and tap the magnifying glass button to access the tab To explore.

open Insta to get started

By default, the featured video on the tab To explore it will be a Reels. Touch it to access.

click on the image with Instagram Reels

After watching the full video, Reels will move on to the next content. If you don't like it, you can just swipe down and see another one.

swipe down to see more content

How to interact with Instagram Reels?

Did you like Reels and want to interact with the user who created it? See below where you can tap to interact and then what each button means.

Instagram Reels interactions

  • 1 – Use your camera to send a Reels in response;
  • 2 – Access the Instagram bio of who created the content;
  • 3 – Give a like;
  • 4 – Comment on Reels;
  • 5 – Share the content with a group or contact on Instagram.

Want to see someone's Reels in particular? Then see below how to find Reels of users you follow on Insta!

How to find Reels from users you already follow?

Don't want to see content from random users, but from people you follow and trust? It is possible to access all of that person's Reels and do a “marathon” with all the content that they have posted.

To do this, return to the tab To explore. Instead of clicking on Reels as the last time, tap on the top bar and type in the username of who you follow. When you find it, just click to access the profile.

search for the user who wants to watch Instagram Reels

Then, tap the button shown in the screenshot below.

reels icon

From here, you can select any Reels already published.

instagram videos reels

Alternatively, you can click on the first Reels and watch until you see all the content that your favorite influencer has published so far.

Do you want to create your own content for Instagram Reels yourself? Then learn how to create your own in the next step of this article!

How to create your own Reels?

Enough watching and let's produce! Reels are created in the same environment as Instagram Stories. So, return to your Insta home page and swipe left.

open stories

Slide the bottom bar until you find the option Reels.

choose instagram reels

Here, you can already define filters, music and masks that you will use in your production. See what each option in the menu on the left will allow you to include before you even record videos!

check recording options

  • 1 – Choose a song to play in the background or to dub;
  • 2 – Choose the speed at which the video will play;
  • 3 – Open the mask menu to choose one;
  • 4 – Set the length of the video, which is a maximum of 15 seconds.

Did you choose everything you needed to start recording? Then click the center button and record your first Instagram Reels!

start recording your instagram reels

From here, you have three options: cut off any stretch you didn't like before publishing, discard your recording or edit and publish your Instagram Reels. See how to do the first two in the next section.

How to discard an Instagram Reels video?

Didn't like the video you recorded? You don't have to leave the app and log in again to fix it. Just click on the button located in the bottom left corner of the screen.

click here to discard the video

Then click on the trash can icon. Confirm by tapping the button To discard.

delete the video you don't like

How to publish the content?

Did you like the recording? You can now add more elements, such as drawings made with your own hand, insert stickers – Instagram Stories interactive stickers are not enabled here – or include text. The pre-recording options are still available here, in case you want to change anything.

edit your Instagram Reels and move on

Write the caption, select a cover with prints of the video itself or choose a photo from your gallery.

write the caption of your Instagram Reels

Okay, now just click on To share to publish your Instagram Reels!

publish your content!

7 tips to make your Reels pump!

Our first tip is: bet on authenticity. like Stories, Reels' short video format also favors authenticity, rather than overproduction. This means that having fun is essential, as most users are looking for Instagram Reels to be entertained.

On the other hand, this does not mean that you should stop publishing educational or helpful content. In fact, content that is fun and teaches something is the key to getting your Reels off the ground.

Which brings us to the second tip: don't be afraid to post timeless content. As we mentioned in the article, your posts on Reels are not deleted after 24 hours, as it happens in Stories on Instagram.

The third tip also relates to the previous one. Because you can create timeless content, think of your Reels as a current story, with posts that have a connection between them.

In this way, you will create a network of content that will keep your follower's attention. This means more time watching and interacting with your content, which increases your chances of appearing in the Reels highlights in the tab. To explore.

To do this, follow our fourth tip: plan your content in advance! That way, you avoid running out of things to post, and it's easier to create cohesive content that makes sense and encourages your Instagram followers to engage with your content.

Didn't you think the content was good? Don't be afraid to delete it and redo it! In addition to consistency, it is important that your content has quality.

Publishing content daily just for the sake of publishing may even cause your numbers to rise in the beginning, but they will certainly stagnate if you don't create anything that inspires your followers to engage. Better to bet on quality, even if it means a lower frequency.

Finally, try all the tools and elements! In the beginning, you have no way of knowing what types of content will resonate with your followers or users who find you.

So don't be afraid or ashamed to test everything the tool offers you. Whether you're dubbing a song, trying out some of the hundreds of masks available right from the platform, or applying edits that increase the quality of your content.

Test hard and, when you're done, test harder!

Closing with our seventh and final tip: produce content on Instagram Reels! It may be more comfortable to keep creating content for the feed, Stories or IGTV, but new content tools on social media are often privileged with a smaller reach.

Especially in his first months of life, which is the case with Reels. That is, you are likely to see your number of followers and engagement increase during the period.

That said, do not waste time and start producing Instagram on your profile now!

What do you think of Instagram Reels?

What did you think of Insta's new content platform? Has adapted well to it or is struggling to produce content.

I hope our tips are helping you to unlock the potential of Instagram Reels and also bring more followers to your profile.

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