Instagram Reels: how to use your TikTok rival

Emerging as one of the most downloaded apps in recent years, TikTok has threatened the hegemony of Facebook's social platforms, especially Instagram. If you learned how to do voice acting on TikTok, now you can also do them on Insta through Instagram Reels.

This will not stop you from trying to become famous on TikTok, but now you have another platform to distribute your content and participate in challenges like the TikTok Challenges.

If you don't know a famous person on TikTok and, in fact, didn't even know that the app existed, then it's time to learn how Instagram Reels works and how it can also produce content on it.

In the next few paragraphs, we'll show you how to view other users' Instagram Reels and show you the step-by-step needed to produce your own content to gain followers on Instagram with the new tool.

Check it out below!

How to watch Instagram Reels?

Before you even start creating Reels, you probably need to find a few to get an idea of ​​what to do to attract followers on Instagram. At this post-launch moment, there are two ways to find Instagram Reels.

The first is the Instagram exploration tab. This is the easiest to find, however, you may end up with suggestions that are not in your interests. Just open the Instagram app on your smartphone and access the tab To explore by the magnifying glass icon.

access the instagram reels explore tab

As it is a new platform, it usually appears prominently, even before making any search.

example of reels

The problem with the above method is that you will end up seeing a lot of random Reels. If you want to know what friends, family and content producers are doing on the tool, you can access an area where only the Reels posted by them are available.

To do this, simply access the tab To explore again and enter the username of the profile you want to find. Then, access that user's Instagram feed and click on the icon shown below, which is just below the bio phrase.

ana tex

Then, just choose any of the videos to view it!

choose videos

Tip: Didn't the icon shown in the steps above appear? This can mean two things: the person who searched did not post any content on the platform or this new feature on Instagram has not yet appeared to you. Try on other profiles!

How to create your own Instagram Reels?

Okay, you've watched enough content and now you want to produce and disseminate your content on the new platform yourself.

How to do this?

Check out the step by step to create Instagram Reels below!

1 – Return to the Insta homepage and swipe left.

access the stories

2 – In the bottom bar, choose the option Reels.

choose the reels option

3 – Unlike Instagram Stories, in which there are several options after recording, here you must include elements such as songs and masks before pressing the record button. All options are available in the left sidebar of the screen.

Here's what you can include in an Instagram Reels.

  • 1. Music: include a song from the Instagram library to dub;
  • 2. Speed: adjust whether the video will play faster or slower;
  • 3. Effects: apply a mask or effects to the bottom of the screen during recording;
  • 4. Timer: set how long you want the video to last.

instagram reels side menu

3 – Tap the center button and record your Reels. Remember that they can last, at most 15 seconds!

record the video

4 – After recording your Reels, you can watch a preview by tapping the button that will appear on the left.

instagram preview reels

5 – Here, you have two options. The first is to discard the video if you don't like the result. The second is to cut some part that has not been legal, publishing only part of the video.

editing options

6 – To publish the video, click the button on the right. Here, you can make the same changes as possible in stories, such as including stickers, texts and drawings. When you feel you are ready to publish, just click the arrow button again.

publish instagram reels

7 – Include a caption and click the button To share to publish your first Instagram Reels!

create a caption for instagram reels

Why should you start now?

A tip you should use whenever a new feature appears on social media: test and produce content as soon as possible. Whenever platforms release new functionality, their algorithms are programmed to highlight these new features.

That is, it can greatly increase its organic reach just by taking advantage of this wave. In addition, the sooner you start, the more experience you will accumulate and learn what works and stops working on Instagram Reels.

So, take advantage of this article now and start creating yours as soon as possible!

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