Instagram Reels Step by Step – how to create yours?

The most recent novelty of Instagram is Reels, a platform for short videos and dubbing that came to compete with the popular TikTok.

Following the same mold, the platform is a way to diversify your posts for Instagram, although they are very similar to Stories.

Before seeing our guide for creating Instagram Reels, first we need to situate you on what the platform is. Then we'll show you how to access Reels content from other users and followers on Instagram.

Closing the article, we will show you Instagram Reels and a step by step to create your own content.

Check it out below!

What is Instagram Reels?

Despite the similarity to the stories, Reels has some basic differences. While Instagram Stories has modes that allow you to record one-minute videos, Reels limits your videos to just 15 seconds.

The aim here is to show spontaneity and humor, rather than highly produced videos. For this, Instagram itself recommends the feed or IGTV.

So much so that Reels are easier to access through the tab To explore, rather than appearing in the feed. It is ideal to distract the mind a little, without thinking much about what to look for.

Wondering how to find Instagram Reels step by step? Then keep following us below!

How to access someone's Instagram Reels?

The first thing you should know is that Instagram Reels does not appear in Stories, although you can find it scrolling through the feed. But if Reels is new to you, you certainly want to see some videos before producing your own.

You can do this in two ways. The first is by clicking on the magnifying glass tab in the Insta feed:

instagram reels walkthrough

It is likely that a Reels will already appear as the first option for you. Click on it:

the content already appears right away

After watching the video or not enjoying what you are watching, just swipe the screen from top to bottom to watch the gold Reels.

swipe down to see another video on instagram reels

The second option is going on the profile of someone you follow. Do this right now and tap the screen capture icon below to access the entire catalog of videos that user has published in the format.

access the profile of someone who has already published content

Access any Reels shown in the mosaic that will form.

mosaic of instagram reels

Okay, now you already have a step by step of Instagram Reels to access the various videos published daily by content producers and platform users.

Tip: couldn't find any Reels, even looking in multiple profiles? Then see this article telling you what to do if Instagram news doesn't appear for you!

Instagram Reels – step by step to create your own

Now that you know how to view the available content, it's time to learn how to create yours! After all, you can't gain followers on Instagram just by watching content without doing anything, can you?

Create your first Instagram Reels in the walkthrough below!

Swipe to the left or press your button on the Stories bar;

access the stories screen

In the bottom menu, swipe until you find the option Reels.

access instagram reels

You will have four options in the side menu before you start recording. Here are what they are:

know the menu to improve its content

1. Music: choose a song from the list or search for a specific one;

music menu

2. velocity: select whether the video will be played at greater or lesser speed;

3. Filters: see which filter you will use for recording;

get to know the various instagram reels filters

4. Timer: tell how many seconds the video will last, if you want it to be less than the original 15 seconds.

Now, click the central button to record!

After recording, you can choose to change music or change the speed, as you did before. If you are satisfied with the result, click on the white arrow next to the record button.

proceed to editing

You can add stickers, texts and drawings before publishing. It is worth remembering that the interactive stickers of Stories – like the questions – are not available in Reels. In addition, it is possible to cut excerpts from the video in the bottom bar.

edit your content

Finally, choose a part of the video or insert a cover image, add a caption to your content and click To share to publish it. After completing this step by step of Instagram Reels, you will have published your first content on the platform!

publish your first instagram reels!

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