iOS 15 What's New: Compatible iPhones and What Changes!

If you use an iPhone, you probably already knew that the next OS version was coming out. However, you may not yet know what's new in iOS 15 and whether your iPhone will work with this update.

In this article, we're going to talk about these two topics so that you're completely up to speed on iOS 15. If you're curious about the subject and want to update your smartphone, read the guide below!

What are compatible iPhones?

One of the best things about buying an iPhone over an Android comes from the assurance that even 5 years from now, your device will still be using the latest version of the operating system.

That is, if you have an iPhone that was released in 2015 or later, you are guaranteed to be able to use iOS 15 and enjoy all the news it brings. Still, below you can check out the full list of compatible iPhones:

  • iPhone 13, 13 mini, 13 Pro, 13 Pro Max (2021),
  • iPhone 12, 12 mini, 12 Pro, 12 Pro Max (2020);
  • iPhone SE 2nd generation (2020);
  • iPhone 11, 11 Pro,11 Pro Max (2019);
  • iPhone XS, XS Max (2018);
  • iPhone XR (2018);
  • iPhone X (2017);
  • iPhone 8, 8 Plus (2017);
  • iPhone 7, 7 Plus (2016);
  • iPhone SE 1st Generation (2016);
  • iPhone 6s and 6s Plus (released in 2015).

How to update to iOS 15?

Okay, you've confirmed that you can use iOS 15 and all its new stuff on your iPhone. So, let's teach you the basic step-by-step to upgrade your operating system!

  • 1. For a start, it is recommended (but not necessary) to make a backup. Check out the guide at this link;
  • two. With that done, go to the app of Settings;
  • 3. Now navigate to General and there, tap Software update;
  • 4. Tap the button that says Update to iOS 15. Read all instructions and tap download and install. Ready!

And what's new in iOS 15?

At this point, you already have iOS 15 installed and just want to know what's new to start using them. No problem, we'll show you the main news below!


The first new feature of iOS 15 is notifications, which have a different design. Notifications from any of the larger messaging apps will have an image of the person who sent the message, as well as larger icons for the apps.

In addition, it also offers a collection system for unimportant notifications, showing them only once a day so that you are not overloaded with useless notifications.

It is also possible to temporarily mute any app or message tab of an app.

iOS 15 news notifications


Apple introduced Focus mode to try to help users who want to increase their daily productivity. For this, you will be able to create usage profiles. For example, a personal and a work mode.

You will be able to switch between these modes so that specific notifications are blocked for a period, and prioritize others. Even better, you can have two different home screens, one for work and one for normal use!

This mode is without a doubt one of the most exciting new additions to iOS 15, working automatically by suggestions based on AI. And it's all synced to your other Apple devices!

Focus on iOS 15 news

Change in FaceTime

This is an exciting new feature for iPhone users, as you will now be able to make FaceTime calls with Windows and Android users! In other words, you can use Picture-in-Play (the miniaturized video chat on your screen) for video calls with people who don't have an iPhone!

To do this, simply send the call link to the people you want to video call. In addition, it also provides spatial audio so that voices in a video call appear to come from where the person is on the screen, and it even helps to clear your audio.

To top it off, it offers portrait mode, so you can leave the background out of focus.

Change in FaceTime new for iOS 15


Another new feature of iOS 15 is directly related to FaceTime. SharePlay is Apple's implementation of sharing experiences with others during video calls.

In other words, it is now possible to make a home cinema session through FaceTime. Share music, series and movies from the biggest streaming media services with ease!

SharePlay iOS 15 news

live text

Another new feature of iOS 15 is live text, through which you'll essentially be able to transform images into text.

Exactly that, from any image or photo you take you will be able to extract everything that is written simply by touching and holding it!

live text


One of the biggest and most important new features that came with iOS 15 is Safari and its new design. Controls are found at the bottom of the screen, making them much easier to use.

Navigation will be quite different and you will have to get used to the situation. Still, it's truly worth it!

Safari iOS 15 news


Spotlight is nothing more than the iOS search tool. When you drag down from the top of the screen, it's opening. With the iOS 15 update, Spotlight can use artificial intelligence to search for photos using location, people, scenes, and objects, and even use live text!

Plus, you can use Spotlight on your lock screen and install new apps from the App Store without ever leaving Spotlight!



Among the new features of iOS 15 is the update of the Photos app. This will give you access to a new design in Memories, integration with Apple Music, a more intuitive interface and more.

Memories will suggest songs based on your use of Apple Music to create more personalized videos and slideshows. You can even choose which song you want to use in specific memory!


Did you like what's new in iOS 15?

It is worth mentioning that this is not a complete list, but rather a selection of the main changes. If you want to see all the news, check out the official Apple website!

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