iPhone 12: everything you need to know

The quarantine caused by the coronavirus ended traditions that used to be accurate. One is the announcement of the new generation of iPhone. Those who follow know that Apple's smartphone reveal events usually happen in September, as they did on the iPhone 11 of 2019. In 2020, the iPhone 12 was introduced to the world on October 13, 2020, a month after the usual date.

At the event that took place today, Apple finally unveiled its smartphone, which will feature four different models. Throughout the article, we will show each one of them, as well as news and announcements revealed during the event.

Stay with us and get to know everything you need to know about the new iPhone 12!

iPhone 12: four new models

It is customary to see only two models of a generation of iPhone. Sometimes we see three, like what happened in the iPhone XR generation. This time, the iPhone 12 will have four different models.

See below which models will be launched:

  • iPhone 12 Mini: as the name says, it will be a smaller iPhone. However, it is important to remember that all models will come with the same chipset. That is, they will have the same processing power;
  • iPhone 12: the standard edition of the smartphone. It will be bigger and will have some specifications above the Mini edition;
  • iPhone 12 Pro: as usual, this generation will also have a Pro version, more robust and with more storage, among others. The size will be the same as the conventional model.
  • iPhone 12 Pro Max: the definitive edition. In addition to the best configurations, it is also the largest among the four models.

iphone 12 models

Design, Colors and Canvas

As happens annually, the iPhone 12 also has some changes in relation to its design and finish. In this case, it looks more like the old editions of the iPhone, with straight corners, instead of the curved design of the last generations. In addition, it is 11% lighter and thinner than predecessor models.

The availability of colors and screen sizes varies by model. What has been revealed is that all models will have a screen saver in a new technology called Ceramic Shield, which will protect your iPhone 4 times from falling.

In addition, the smartphone will feature an OLED screen with twice the pixels compared to the iPhone 11 models.

Below, see what colors and screen sizes each of the four iPhone 12 models will have.

  • iPhone 12 Mini: the smallest model from Apple will come with a 5.4 ″ screen and will be available in blue, white, black, green and red.
  • iPhone 12: the conventional model will be launched with 6.1 ″ screen. It will also be available in blue, white, black, green and red.
  • iPhone 12 Pro: the Pro edition will also feature a 6.1 ″ display, but will come in different colors. The iPhone 12 Pro will be available in blue, white, gold and black.
  • iPhone 12 Pro Max: will be the iPhone with the largest screen in Apple's history, with an impressive 6.7 ″. It will also be released in blue, white, gold and black.

colors of apple smartphone models


The camera is often one of the most anticipated elements every time a new iPhone is announced. Perhaps more than the technical specifications themselves.

However, no major changes or full specifications for the iPhone 12 camera have been revealed. What is known is that the conventional model will feature a dual camera on the 12MP rear. One lens will be wide-angle and the other ultra-wide and both will feature night mode, something unheard of in these types of lenses.

Night mode allows you to take pictures even in dark environments. It is worth remembering that this is not new, since the iPhone 11 camera also had this mode. The Pro and Pro Max edition will feature a third telephoto lens at the rear.

For those who want to record videos, the cameras of the new models will allow recording in 4K HDR Dolby-Vision, surpassing even some models of professional cameras.

On the other hand, more future information should better reveal what the cameras of these new models will look like.

Technical specifications, battery and 5G connection

As with the previous model, Apple will start the next generation of iPhones with the next edition of its chipset, the Bionic A14. It is the same set of processors and graphics cards that will be on the iPad Air, unveiled in September 2020.

With six cores on the CPU and four on the GPU – responsible for processing the graphics of your favorite iPhone games or video editors – the performance demonstration was made with the long-awaited League of Legends: Wild Rift, which will be released on the smartphone.

Details like storage and RAM have not been revealed so far.

iphone 12 cameras

Battery Charging

As well as the design that reflects the past, battery charging will also bring memories for MacBook users. The MagSafe is a magnetic system built into the back of the device, which will allow you to connect compatible accessories and optimize their use, such as wireless chargers.

IPhone cases can also be attached more securely with MagSafe. However, it was revealed that smartphones in this line will no longer come with a traditional charger.

This is not the only absence, since the iPhone 12 will also not come with the Earpod included in the box, and must be purchased separately.

5G connection

Another big revelation – even if expected – is the compatibility with the future 5G connection, still being implemented around the world. Coming behind competitors, but still securing its space, all four models of the new Apple smartphone will be compatible with 5G.

In the United States, models will also be compatible with the standard mmwave, which increases the connection speed, but still has very limited coverage, even in the country of origin of the iPhone.

Price and release date

We know what you're looking for: the price and release date of the four iPhone 11 models!

It is worth mentioning that, although they were announced simultaneously, the models will not arrive at the same time in the American market. See below the price and release date of each model!

Note: Keep in mind that these dates and prices are valid for the American market. When dates and prices are announced for our market, we will update this article as well.

  • iPhone 12 Mini: $ 699, launching on November 13;
  • iPhone 12: $ 799, launching on October 23;
  • iPhone 12 Pro: $ 999, launching on October 23;
  • iPhone 12 Pro Max: $ 1099 with a November 13 release.

What did you think of the iPhone 12?

With a new model that makes reference to the old design and even the equipment of the time, renovated, the iPhone 12 is a new smartphone, but that will appeal to the emotion of those who are fans of the brand since the first editions.

On the other hand, decisions such as the removal of the wall charger and the Earpods can be controversial, even though the justification for the removal is a concern for the environment.

Is that you? What did you think of the iPhone 12? Tell us in the comments and watch the full video of the event below!


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