IPhone 12 price: when will it cost in Brazil?

The iPhone 12 is no longer a mystery, much less its cost here in Brazil. The price of the iPhone 12 on the market was officially announced by Apple recently, as well as mention that the device will arrive here on November 20, 2020.

But in addition to telling you exactly the price of the iPhone 12 in our country, let's explore a little of the reasons for that. If you're curious and want to know more about it, check it out below!

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IPhone 12 price in Brazil

A few weeks after the official announcement of the iPhone 12, Brazilian prices were revealed by Apple. If the costs of its predecessors were already high, the price of the iPhone 12 certainly surprised even veteran users of the iOS system.

As the device has several different models and storage options, prices also vary widely. You can check everything below:

iPhone 12

  • 64 GB – R $ 7,999
  • 128 GB – R $ 8,499
  • 256 GB – R $ 9,499

iPhone 12 Mini

  • 64 GB – R $ 6,999
  • 128 GB – R $ 7,499
  • 256 GB – R $ 8,499

iPhone 12 Pro

  • 128 GB – R $ 9,999
  • 256 GB – R $ 10,999
  • 512 GB – R $ 12,999

iPhone 12 Pro Max

  • 128 GB – R $ 10,999
  • 256 GB – R $ 11,999
  • 512 GB – R $ 13,999

Reasons for such a high price

how much is iphone 12

The iPhone has always been an expensive smartphone, just like all other Apple products. Considering that the company practically sells itself as a luxury brand, this is not surprising.

It is simpler to charge more if your customers are always willing to pay whatever it is. But there are other factors that contribute to the price of the iPhone 12, as we quote below:

1. The iPhone has no real competitors

It is clear that it is many Android smartphones that compete with the iPhone, but it is not a fair comparison. After all, they are totally different operating systems.

Only Apple can make smartphones with the iOS system, which gives them much more control over how these devices are built. There is also a big advantage in the way that they can optimize both smartphones and the system itself.

Meanwhile, dozens of manufacturers can use Android on their smartphones. Only they need to find ways to optimize their devices without the same advantage as Apple.

The reality is that without devices from other manufacturers with iOS, Apple does not have a real chain. There are only equivalents on the market, since Android and iOS are still quite different.

With that, Apple takes advantage and charges whatever it wants from those who want to have a device with iOS. Something that happens a lot with those who need to use the Mac to work and want a greater unification among all their devices.

2. Very high dollar

No matter how many reasons we may give the iPhone 12 to be so expensive in Brazil, there is no way to ignore the high dollar against the real. In 2020, we saw a totally unprecedented increase, with the dollar getting close to 6 reais.

Of course, this influences not only the price of the iPhone 12 but also any product sold in our country today. There is no way of knowing whether prices will decrease if the dollar falls a little, so the way is to wait or accept the current cost.

3. Price change in the USA

It is also worth mentioning that there was a price change on the iPhone 12 compared to its predecessor. While the iPhone 11 cost $ 699 in the 64GB version, the iPhone 12 costs $ 829 as the same storage space.

And you can't even say that the fault is with the iPhone 12 Mini, which is seen as the cheapest model among new smartphones. After all, the Mini costs $ 729 in the same 64 GB version.

The only way to get an iPhone slightly cheaper than that over there is to purchase it with a chip from an American operator. And even so, the values ​​are only 30 dollars less.

As the iPhone does not offer anything very different, the speculation is that Apple has changed the values ​​to not match rival smartphones. Google Pixel 5 is seen as one of the biggest causes of this situation.

It costs R $ 699 in the 128 GB version, which is 100 dollars less than its predecessor, the Google Pixel 4. And it is already known that Google has chosen to make the Pixel 5 a less powerful device than in previous years.

Thus, it would be "ugly" for Apple to launch what it calls the "fastest smartphone in the world" for the same price as a premium intermediary. Even more when we consider that Apple is still seen as a luxury brand, as we said before.

Is it worth buying an iPhone 12 today?

worth buying the iphone 12

If we compare what the iPhone 12 offers in relation to competitors, it is difficult to recommend it at the price we see in our market. Competitors can not only offer more, they also cost less.

Other than that, most companies don't follow Apple's pattern of trying to be luxury brands. This allows for promotions in official stores and even fixed price reductions over the months after launch.

Unfortunately, in the current state, the price of the iPhone 12 can scare even the company's loyal fans. That way, it is easier to recommend it if you can find a more affordable price outside of our country.

Still, considering that it has no substantial news, it may be better to wait for next year's model.

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What did you think of the price of the iPhone 12 in Brazil?

Did you take advantage of our guide to understand more about the price of the iPhone 12 here in Brazil? So don't forget to leave your comment telling us what you think of the prices and if you plan to buy an iPhone at some point.

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