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IPTV on Smart TV: how it works and how to watch?

IPTV on Smart TV: how it works and how to watch?

In addition to the most popular streaming services, it is also quite common to hear about IPTV today. But not everyone knows what it is, how this type of service works and whether it is legal or not. In addition, many people have no idea, but it is possible to use IPTV on Smart TV through the official store of your television.

To end your doubts, we will explain everything about IPTV on Smart TV and how it all works. To learn more, you can check out our complete guide below!

How IPTV works

what does iptv mean?

For those who do not know, IPTV is an acronym for “Internet Protocol Television”, which is nothing more than an internet television signal. This signal can be accessed on your Smart TV, your computer, your smartphone and any other device that can be connected to the internet.

Basically, you can access your favorite channels to watch series, watch movies, soap operas and the most different types of TV. All without relying on cable TV or streaming services.

But other than that, you still have access to videos on demand. Exactly like what we found on Netflix or HBO Go, just depending on the channel having content of this type available.

The way that IPTV works is also quite simple. Just use software that captures IPTV signals and enjoy this experience on the device of your choice.

To learn how to use IPTV on Smart TV, just check the details right away!

How to use IPTV on Smart TV

Knowing everything we discussed above, it's time to learn how to use and watch IPTV on Smart TV. The process is quite simple, since most Smarts TV have an IPTV app in their official stores.

In our tutorial, we will use a Smart TV from LG, but the procedure is very similar on TVs from other brands. Just follow the steps below:

Step 1: to start, turn on your Smart TV and press the menu button on your remote. Then, select your TV's app store.

smart tv store

Step 2: In the store's home menu, look for the search icon. Exactly as we demonstrate below:

smart tv search

Step 3: Type the word "IPTV" in the search bar. Then click on "Search" or "Search" to start searching for an IPTV app.

IPTV on Smart TV searching

Step 4: You will see a few different options in the result. If you prefer, you can research better about each app, as this may vary depending on the brand of your TV.

iptv apps options

For our tutorial, we use SS IPTV, which is a well-known app and works well with this method. If you want suggestions, just check out our guide with the best IPTV options.

Step 5: to continue, click on “Install” to start downloading and installing the IPTV app on Smart TV.

install iptv

Step 6: with that done, click “Start” to move on.

open the iptv app

Step 7: You’ll see the app’s user agreement right away. Agree with him to use IPTV on Smart TV.

iptv user contract

It is also possible that there is an initial configuration, but you can skip this. After all, most apps don't offer Brazil as an option in these settings, but that doesn't stop us from using them.

Step 8: in the main menu of the application, you will see channel packages that are available. As Brazil is not included in the countries supported by the app, there are no channels that we are used to.

Instead, you’ll see many European channels that you probably don’t have much interest in checking out. Therefore, we will use our own source of the coolest channels to watch on IPTV on Smart TV.

IPTV on Smart TV settings

To do this, click on the gear icon, which will open the main settings of the app.

Step 9: now, choose and click on the “Content” option. Here, you must click on the “Add” option so that we can place a personalized channel source.

IPTV on Smart TV add

Step 10: click on the “Source” bar in the new playlist added.

iptv source on smart tv

Step 11: This will allow you to write the source address that will be used for the channels. just type “” and click on the “Enter” key on the virtual keyboard.

IPTV on Smart TV signal

Step 12: click “Save” to continue and get one step closer to using IPTV on Smart TV. You can also change the playlist name to whatever you want, here we leave it with the default name.

save iptv source

Step 13: right after doing this, go back to the app's home menu and click on the playlist we just added.

new iptv playlist

Step 14: Okay, you’ll see a huge list of all channels that have been added with that source. They can be checked in total or divided by categories, as you can see in the image below.

channels on iptv

Remembering that the source used in the example has only open channels and can be watched in this way legally. It is worth mentioning that as this works via internet transmission, it is good to have a stable network to watch without problems!

Did you like the tips?

Did you take advantage of our guide to learn how to use IPTV on Smart TV? Don't forget to leave your comment telling us what you think of the tips and if you managed to follow all the steps just right.

Also don't forget to tell us what other apps for watching movies and series you use at home!

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