IPTV on your computer: 4 free programs

Watching TV on any device other than the TV set itself is a very convenient reality. Currently it is even possible to use your internet signal for this. You can also watch IPTV on the computer.

Not only in it, but even your smartphone can become a kind of "portable television". For this text, however, we will focus on helping you find free programs to watch IPTV on your computer.

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Have you heard of this IPTV guy lately and don't know what it is? So stay here with us and we'll show you what IPTV is!

What is IPTV?

The acronym is very direct and means TV by internet protocol – Internet Protocol Television, in English. What she means is simple: television accessed via an internet signal.

That is, no extra antennas or cables. If you have internet at home – whether wired or over Wi-Fi – you can use an IPTV service where you live. In fact, just access any connection to access the service, even if you are away from home.

We just don't recommend watching IPTV over a mobile data connection. Since video streaming is one of the most bandwidth consuming features of the internet, it is likely that your mobile data plan deductible will run out quickly without realizing it.

In addition, it is interesting to have a good connection speed for watching IPTV, especially if you are a demanding viewer and want to watch your programs in 4K or Full HD.

Although it is possible to watch IPTV on the computer using Internet browsers, it is ideal to use a program. These software make it possible to reproduce your programs in better image quality.

But rest assured, since you won't have to pay a dime to use these programs: they are all free!

On the other hand, it is worth mentioning that the programs themselves do not access IPTV. It is necessary to use open lists to watch IPTV legally without paying anything or contracting the service of an operator.

Now that you understand more or less how IPTV works, find out the best programs to watch IPTV on your computer!

1. MyIPTV Player

Available only for Windows 10 computers – or on the Xbox One video game! – MyIPTV Player is a simple, free and easy to use IPTV player. Its interface is intuitive and you will soon know what options to access to add an IPTV list.

After making the addition, every time you open the software it will automatically update its IPTV list, showing the available channels. If you have subscribed to an IPTV list with hundreds of channels, you can save those you watch the most in a tab called Bookmarks, which greatly facilitates access.

MyIPTV Player is ideal for those who want to watch IPTV on their computer, but also for those who want to use it on TV using Microsoft's video game. On the other hand, it is limited only to IPTV, it is not possible to use it to watch movies and series that are on your computer or thumb drive.

Click on the link to know MyIPTV Player!

myiptv to view iptv on the computer

2. Kodi

A more complete program, but more complex than the previous one. Kodi works as an entertainment center, facilitating the use of a computer when connected to a television, for example.

Still, nothing prevents you from using it on the monitor, especially when you invite people into your home and want them to easily see the movies or computer games they have available. In addition, Kodi also makes it possible to watch IPTV on the computer.

Its great advantage is that it can be used for almost any media and still be free. On the other hand, it requires a little more knowledge on computers to be able to configure it satisfactorily.

Click on the link to download Kodi and be sure to check out our article on how to use Kodi on PC!

3. VLC Media Player

VLC Media Player must be one of the most popular video players for PC and Mac. What few know, however, is that it also allows you to watch IPTV on your computer.

This is partly because of the software itself, as it is not so easy to find the settings that allow you to access an IPTV list. This can happen due to the very nature of the program, more focused on playing files that are already on your PC.

Still, it is an interesting alternative, although it is not the most intuitive. Access the link to know the VLC Media Player!

vlc media player

4. MegaCubo

Closing our list of programs to watch IPTV on the computer, MegaCubo can be used to watch TV over the internet and is one of the few that also make it possible to record the broadcasts for later viewing.

That way, you can easily tune in to a channel on IPTV and have the program record it so you can watch it later. In addition, you can also watch programs in miniature format, while doing other things on your PC.

Click on the link to know MegaCubo!

IPTV on your computer: discover the best options!

Now that you know some of the best free programs to watch IPTV on your PC, how about getting to know some of the best services available today.

Continue with us on AppTuts and check out our list of the best IPTV options on the market!

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