IPTV vs Piracy: what is the relationship between them?

Internet television is one of the best news and has been especially sought after in these quarantine times. We have already shown here on AppTuts some of the best IPTV options. But why is there a discussion of IPTV vs piracy.

What does that mean? Who uses IPTV is consuming illegal content? Is IPTV equal to piracy? Before we start this discussion, let's first tell you what IPTV is and how to differentiate a legal IPTV from a pirate.

Check out the next few paragraphs and find out how to know if these apps for watching movies and series may be showing programs illegally!

What is IPTV?

In a very simple and summarized way, IPTV is internet television. That is, you access TV channels using your internet signal, instead of antennas or cable, as in closed channel providers.

This means that any provider can also transmit its television signal over the internet and whoever has access to the IPTV service can watch it on the computer, smartphone or smart TV.

iptv vs piracy

The problem lies in another issue: services that intercept the transmission of closed operators and offer them to users at a lower price. That is, they use IPTV for piracy.

Is it a crime to sell this type of service? That's what we will answer in the next excerpt!

Is it a crime to sell IPTV?

The answer to that question is: it depends. In the dispute between IPTV vs piracy, it is important to know the origin of your services. Even for those who want to make money selling this type of service.

Selling pirated IPTV is a crime, since it is selling content for which you have not paid a license to view. That is, you are stealing the intellectual property of a company without paying the royalties due.

That is why the pirated IPTV service is cheaper than the legal one. Now, how to find out if an IPTV list is legal? Check it out below!

Which IPTV is legal?

To be safe when subscribing to an IPTV service to watch series and follow the programming of your favorite channels, choose to subscribe directly with the operators. Networks such as Telecine, for example, have packages that serve both those who already subscribe to a closed channel and those who prefer to watch over the internet.

Subscribing directly to the operator is the safest alternative to having a legal IPTV at home. There are also official representatives, but to buy from them, it is important to require legal documentation.

That way, you will know that that representative is selling you a legitimate service.


What is the ideal speed for watching IPTV?

One of the most relevant issues for those looking for IPTV services is the connection speed. Like streaming apps, video streaming is something that usually takes up and requires speed to play live programming or even to see your favorite movie trilogies on demand.

Most fixed connections – we do not recommend using your mobile data to watch IPTV or Amazon Prime Video – are able to play these streams in HD quality (720p). Our recommendation for watching IPTV at this resolution is 5 MB. For Full HD (1080p), it is recommended to have a minimum speed of 10MB.

Do you have a device capable of playing 4K video and make sure you watch everything in that quality? Then the speed for stable IPTV indicated is of at least 35 MB.

IPTV vs Piracy – what's the difference?

As is noted throughout the article, IPTV and piracy are not the same thing. Still, it is possible to use the service to share content illegally. Although watching pirated IPTV is not a crime, selling this type of service is.

Even if you are just a consumer, it also means a risk to you. Because it is illegal, police operations targeting such services can disrupt these operations by turning off the pirate signal.

That is, even if you pay for a year on a pirated IPTV list, you can be without the service overnight, without the possibility of getting your money back or the operation. The cheap can be expensive.

Therefore, whenever possible, we recommend using official IPTV lists, as it will be protected by the consumer protection law, even if it is necessary to pay more.

Want to know more about internet television? Then see how IPTV works in this article!

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